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Custom Wedding Invitations Involve Many Choices

Custom wedding invitations are an essential part of your wedding planning but are you prepared for all the choices you will need to make when creating yours.  You will want to be as informed as possible in preparation for these decisions so designing your invitations will be easier.

Here are some things you will need to know:

  • Budget – Before you begin your wedding invitation shopping, you may want to give some consideration as to how much you want to spend on them.  Knowing your budget and the quantity you will be ordering will also help you figure out how much you can spend per invitation as well as help narrow down your choices.  Also remember that response cards, reception cards, colored inks, return address printing, envelope lining, etc., will be extra costs if you choose any of these options and are not included in the invitation prices.  Those prices are listed separately.


  • Theme refers to the appearance of the invitation such as design, pictures, colors, embellishments, etc.  Is there a specific theme to your wedding that could be reflected in your wedding invitations?  Themes can be flowers, beach or tropical, season of the year, specific colors, etc.


  • Style relates more to the type of invitation.  Will you have a simple wedding invitation card or a folded piece?  Will it be made out of layers of paper attached together or will it include your photo?  A seal and send style is an economical choice that has a response postcard attached and simply folds up into its own mailing piece.  Growing in popularity, pocket wedding invitations are a more contemporary style.  You will also find that some styles look more modern than traditional or more formal than casual so your choice will depend on the tone of your wedding.


  • Paper – This choice typically includes the size and color of your invitation paper.  Contemporary wedding invitations can come in unique square and tea length sizes. Keep in mind that larger sizes may require extra postage so you should check into that before making your final selection.  Colored papers have also become plentiful.  Another consideration is being eco-friendly with your wedding invites by having them printed on recycled paper.


  • Verse Wording – There are many, many sample verses for custom wedding invitations or you can creatively write your own verse.  You will need to choose a verse based on who is hosting your wedding whether it is you and your fiancé or your parents.  Another decision will be having your reception details printed directly on your invitation if there is room or on a separate reception card.


  • Lettering or Font Style – You will find there is an enormous selection of lettering styles from which to choose and the offerings will vary among printers.  One suggestion is to use a style that will be easy to read for your guests.  Simpler, less script fonts tend to be easier to read. 


  • Imprint Ink Color – Usually you are provided with several ink choices based on the invitation you choose.  Keep in mind colored papers will affect how certain ink colors appear.  Black ink is typically included in the invitation price with colored ink choices costing extra.  Be sure to take notice of what color was printed on the sample as you may like how that color looks.

There are actually more things to consider as part of your custom wedding invitations ensemble but the items listed above pertain to the actual invitation itself.  Other related choices involve extra insert pieces such as response cards, map cards, etc., as well as envelope options.

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