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Have you heard of the latest and newest trend? Mulberry paper flowers that you can use for any occasion. These are beautiful flowers that are great for proms, baby showers, holidays, home decor, bridal showers, and weddings.

 Mulberry paper flowers let you design your own style to where you choose the flower types you want and the colors you want since they come in many types and colors. Plus you can use your imagination by adding sparkles, ribbons, beads, or whatever you come up with.
Weddings especially, because everyone wants something different then anyone else’s or just to wow your friends and family. Mulberry paper flowers can be used for your bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, the groom boutonnieres, groomsmen boutonnieres, mothers and grandmothers corsages, or anyone else that is special in your wedding that you desire a flower for on your special wedding day.You can maybe use them on your cake, or around your cake table, decorate your reception tables, or entry way, or your church decorations like the center piece for the church alter, the pews, or even an arch way.

The mulberry paper flowers you won’t have to worry about them ever wilting and they keep their shape so they can be put together well ahead of time and designed any way you want. This will take some pressure off of you so other important things you can focus on for your wedding.

 These mulberry paper flowers are a great keepsake for everyone involved or you can reuse them, repurpose them, or redesign them, by putting them in your home décor, or for someone else’s special occasion.

 Mulberry paper flowers will last for a very long time, they will even outlast you if they are stored and put up properly so they can be past down through the generations.

The flowers are eco-friendly because they come from a plant called a mulberry tree, which are not cut down and not harmed. The bark of mulberry trees are stripped off and the bark will reproduce. The paper is very eco-friendly because the trees continue to grow and are never harmed.

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