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Planning a Bridal Shower Surprise

Although it often seems as though surprises are impossible these days what with Blackberrys, email and text messaging, there are ways that it can be done. If you want to throw a Bridal shower surprise there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind and which will help to make it the best Bridal shower surprise ever.

Prepare the Lists First

You cannot do anything without having a proper guest list first. Send proper invitations to them, with an RSVP so that you know who will actually attend and who won’t. If there are adjustments to be made, such as some of the guests find some other day suitable than what you have chosen, try to make the changes. You also have to take their traveling into consideration.

Who to include in the guest list? The close family members and the friends of the bride must all be there. This is a way to start making the list actually.

Choose the Date

Once you have your guest lists ready, you can go ahead and plan the date. Selecting a date is never an easy affair. The biggest problem is that you are keeping this a secret from the bride, but at the same time you have to make sure that she will be able to come to the venue (whichever you choose) on that date, without having an inkling that you are planning something for her.

You will have to take her fiancé into confidence. Request him to coordinate the date; he will be the best candidate for that job.

Keep the Bride Occupied

If the bride has no work to do, she can become suspicious sooner, especially when her close people are busy with something else, i.e. planning a shower for her that she does not know about. A good thing to do if you want to surprise her is to keep her busy. This allows you to plan and implement things better. But remember, she should not understand that you are trying to keep her out of the way.

Have a Secrecy Pact

Bridal showers can be very exciting, especially a Bridal shower surprise, but you have to make sure that everyone keeps quiet. The more people each person tells about the surprise party the more likely that it is going to leak out and the guest of honor will find out about the surprise, so make sure that all of the invited guests are tight lipped and keep it on a need to know basis.


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