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From junk heap to wedding haute couture

One can never be sure where our actions today will lead, especially 40 years down the track. Way back in 1972, Malcolm Lock, innovator and surfing identity had a problem. With the rising popularity of wetsuits, his company had to dump  large volumes of neoprene rubber off-cuts and all this was costing him too much.

Have a cold drink with warmer hands

Being a surfie and local business identity, Malcolm Lock shared fairly regularly the odd beer or two with mates. And whilst enjoying that drink, he’d experienced how his hands became too cold, and his beer too hot, way too fast. Understanding the thermal properties of neoprene he did some thinking

In a flash, the stubby holder was brilliantly there.

No more neoprene to throw away, no more frosty cold hands and even best of all, longer lasting cold beer.

You won’t be astonished that, it’s Australia, where the stubby cooler was invented; they just dream for a cold beer. Very soon, the stubby cooler became a necessary, obligatory drinking accessory. It was very fashionable to have the best stubby holder – a cultural phenomenon was launched.

So, what of the stubby cooler today…?

The sheer simplicity of the stubby cooler and it’s practicality make it a an obligatory accessory for any serious party goer. As one might expect, this Australian cultural icon is much loved and has many names: amongst them, can coolers, stubby coolers, coozie, beer holders and many other local variations.

There’s always a few beers enjoyed at wedding receptions and so, the wedding stubby cooler has arrived as rigueur de jour. There’s a wide selection of wedding stubby cooler themes and if you need, you can have special ones made just for your wedding day. 

There’s no doubt that way back in 1972 Malcolm had no idea his stubby cooler would be on the table of the the wedding receptions of Australia.

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