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Cheap Wedding Favors Under $2

Cheap Wedding Favors Under $2

Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets don’t have to be tacky. They can be classy as well as humorous and you could even get customized ones. Tasteful fridge magnets make useful cheap wedding favors to be used at home or at the office. They are ideal favors for informal outdoor weddings when you want the tone to be casual and light-hearted.


Care should be taken to match the colors and designs in the magnets to the accent color and theme of your wedding. Remember that even the most casual wedding favors should include a ‘thank you’ for guests. You could attach a little card to the magnets that reads something like “Love attracts the best people. Thanks for sharing our special day with us. Megan and Max.”


Mints in Sheer Fabric

White net, mesh or organza squares filled with mints and then tied with ribbon are classic wedding favors, but they are also cheap and look nice on reception tables if you take care to gather the material attractively and use pretty ribbons.


You could tie a silver-colored metal bell on each end of a ribbon bow. Alternatively, ribbon roses or a silk flower that matches your wedding flowers could be used to decorate a ribbon tie around the neck of each bag of mints. Classic white round mints look appealing, yet are inexpensive.


Heart-Shaped Note Pads

Stacks of heart-shaped or heart-themed note pads wrapped in pretty, sheer fabric or organza bags tied with sheer ribbon make nice cheap wedding favors. You could use co-ordinating grosgrain ribbon to attach a heart shaped tag that reads: “Our hearts shape the day. Thanks for sharing our wedding with us. Emily and Collin.” You could also use an organza favor bag and/or have two heart-shaped cookie cutters hanging from the ribbon.


Seed Packets

Ideal for garden weddings, little flower pots or miniature watering cans with a few seed packages and maybe a mini garden tool make cute cheap wedding favors. Gauzy sheer ribbon in a pastel wedding accent color can be the perfect finishing touch. The thank you card you attach to the sheer ribbon could read: “Our love grows stronger every day. Thanks for sharing today with us. Vanessa and Shane.”


Pails of Candy

Miniature silver-colored or white metal pails with wire handles look just like tiny versions of the real thing. It’s fun to fill these little buckets with candy that matches the tone, color and theme of the wedding. For example, for more elegantly toned outdoor weddings, use white pails and include fancy foil-wrapped chocolates or truffles. Colorful gumballs or jelly beans are best for informal, light-hearted weddings. Tie a bow made from sheer or opaque ribbon on the handles and attach a small ‘Thank You’ card with narrower ribbon to complete these fun, cheap wedding favors.


Beautiful Boxes of Candy

Plain white favor boxes may be cheap, but they won’t look it if you dress them up with color-rich, beautiful bows made of sheer ribbon. You may want to add a silk flower to each bow or attach little charms found at craft stores. These cheap wedding favors can look pretty at each reception place setting. Add bulk wrapped candy inside each box and have the candy wrapper color coordinate with the ribbon color and your wedding colors.


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