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Awesome Ideas for Personalized Wedding Favors


Awesome Ideas for Personalized Wedding Favors


Personalized Stickers

You can order all types of stickers with the bride and groom’s names plus the wedding date. This way, creating personalized wedding favors couldn’t be easier. Just look for colors and sizes of stickers that suit your wedding theme and color scheme. You could even use the stickers for the seals on the backs of your invitation envelopes. Personalized stickers are also great for wedding favor box tops and on bottles of bubbles that you leave on outside chairs for guests to use during an outdoor marriage ceremony.


Personalized Mini Photo Album with Disposable Camera

Mini photo albums embossed with the bride and groom’s names and the date make enjoyable personalized wedding favors when given along with a disposable camera. Guests can use the camera right then to capture moments from your wedding and later keep those memories in the album.


Personalized M&Ms Clear Heart Boxes

Clear favor boxes containing personalized M&Ms candies in your wedding color make simple and fun favors. You could use clear heart shaped boxes or any shape you prefer. Even small clear glass bottles filled with message M&Ms make great personalized weding favors. Don’t forget to dress up the boxes or bottles with pretty ribbon and attach a hole-punched thank you card.


Personalized Mini Gift Baskets

Fill individual mini natural baskets with candy or little charms that go with the theme of your wedding. Use baskets with handles. This way, the cellophane can be gathered up to the top of the handles and then secured with personalized ribbon with the names of the bride and groom plus the wedding date.


Personalized Ice Cream Scoop

You could buy attractive stainless steel ice cream scoops and have them engraved with the bride and groom’s first initials and the numerical date such as “L & E 06-20-12.” Fill the scoop with candy or other small items and wrap it in sheer fabric. Add ribbon, a bow and a round note to these
personalized wedding favors that reads: “Here’s the scoop: Leah and Ethan got married today! Thanks for being here.”


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