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Wedding Decoration Ideas

Are you looking for great ideas for wedding decorations but have a tight budget? Realistically, every couple has a difficult time keeping wedding expenses under control. From the limo to the tuxedoes; everything adds up pretty quickly. Decoration ideas can be simple or over the top. It is up to the couple to find decoration ideas that fit into their wedding theme and budget.

When it comes to decorations, all you need is imagination and creativity. The most important pieces of wedding planning are the venue, date, and dress. Decorations don’t come into play until the big decisions have already been made. After all that planning is said and done, the decorations should be your last priority.

The type of wedding you have planned detemines the decorations. For instance; a back yard wedding may end up being a casual affair. A big reception with a rented catering hall will probably be more formal. Either way, you can create beautiful decorations inexpensively.

Try to work with what your venue already offers. Fit the freebies into your décor. Many reception halls offer complimentary tablecloths, mirrors and small candles on the dining tables. The little items like that can add up quickly when purchasing them yourself. Use them as the base to your centerpieces. Finsh the tables with a larger floating candle or floral arrangement.

Take pictures of your venue and use them to help you decorate. It is easy to forget how many banisters you need to cover in when shopping for fabric. Use the décor that the venue offers. Look at the style of the furniture and what kinds of flowers are planted. Your snapshots help you create a cohesive theme by using the elements that already exist. If there are tropical palms surrounding the gazebo, tie that into your theme by using seashells to accent the guest book table.

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