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Why a Destination Wedding is Worth the Trip

It seems destination weddings are the trendy way to go nowadays. A destination wedding is a wedding held in a vacation location away from where you live. Some couples choose this type of wedding because it is adventurous and can save money in the process.

There are no set requirements for a destination wedding. It can involve just the happy couple and a few close friends and family or if can be a huge affair. The choice is up to you and your budget. There are a lot of resorts who are working at making destination weddings that are less stressful and easy for the bride and groom. Many resorts at top vacation spots offer package deals that include an onsite wedding consultant who will help with the wedding essentials, such as the marriage license, and the wedding cake.

You can invite just your closest friends and family members to join you in an intimate ceremony in a beautiful location. You don’t have the stress of planning a large wedding or figuring out who to invite and who not to invite. A smaller guest list mean spending more time with the ones you love at your destination wedding.

Another reason to plan a destination wedding is it will save you money by not having to have a formal affair with 200 guests. The etiquette for destination weddings says the bride and groom should pay for the guest’s accommodations and food. The guests are on their own for airfare. This amount will be less than it would cost for a huge reception.

You can also check into finding out how you can get discounted rates for booking multiple rooms. Group rates for airfate can also help in reducing costs. You can plan ahead and set up an itinerary of what you and your guests can do for activities such as, snorkeling, sightseeing or beach volleyball. These types of things can be planned ahead of time.

One thing to remember is that you will have to find out what the requirements are for obtaining a marriage license at the location you choose. Sometimes there are restrictions and you and the groom might have to plan to arrive a few days earlier to fill out the paperwork and establish residency.

By having a destination wedding you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself more. Since the wedding and the honeymoon are in the same place you don’t have to rush from place to place. You get to let someone else handle all the small details for you instead of having to run from place to place to get flowers and items for the reception.

Another plus to having a destination wedding is that you get to combine your wedding and honeymoon so you can afford to go to your dream honeymoon location, such as, Hawaii or the Caribbean. You will be able to have the wedding and honeymoon of your dreams.

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