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Edible Wedding Favors – Some Valuable Ideas

Edible wedding favors are bound to please almost everyone at a wedding reception. Although it isn’t important if your wedding favors are savory, most people would probably prefer a sweet option. One of the most popular is a simple chocolate bar with a personalized wrapper. Chocolate candy bars come in so many varieties it can be difficult to choose something you can guarantee everyone one will appreciate. Many people may eat the chocolate at the wedding but will probably keep any packaging that it comes in, as a souvenir.

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It is not unusual to see a picture of the happy couple on this sort of wrapper or even a presentation box. Candy inside tins is also a popular option for a couple getting married and has proved to be a popular edible wedding favor. Once again, it is easy to have the tin given the personal touch with the bride and grooms details on it. Tins are always useful so once the candy has been eaten, it can be used to store many small items that might be lost otherwise. Even people that don’t often eat candy will tuck in when it is an edible wedding favor because they get drawn into the occasion.

One unique way to give out candy as wedding favors is to use large glass bowls as the centerpieces for the tables and fill the bowls with the bride and grooms’ favorite types of candy. You can also leave a small presentation box with details of the wedding, and one that can even match the wedding theme if there is one. You can guarantee it won’t take long before the guests start filling their boxes with the candy. Cookies are other options for brides and grooms who want to give out edible wedding favors and there are a number of different options in this case. Undecorated cookies are best because they are supposed to go inside a decorated box which can have the wedding day details printed on it.

Plain cookies are also easier to use if you decide to have your images inserted onto them. There are many bakeries that can make these cookies for you in a variety of sizes and shapes; you just simply need to select a design and give the bakery a photo to use in the design process. Cocoas, teas and coffees are still another option for couples who want to give out edible wedding favors. Tea, coffee and cocoa are very popular with many people and there a huge range to choose from these days so you would not have just stick with the most popular available. Often the contents are in tins which can be personalized with the bride and grooms details and makes the box or tin more collectable. Perhaps these suggestions will help you decide what favors you will give to your guests.

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