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Top wedding destinations!


When i was looking for somewhere to have my wedding, I came across these and thought you may want to have a look. So here is a list of what the tour operators say are the best and most popular places to get married:


Barbados weddings. Barbados holidays have always been much sought after and the reasons are pretty obvious. There are the whitest sandy beaches you will ever see, and the sea is as clear as the sky. If you decide to honeymoon here as well, you won’t be let down, the people are lively and vibrant, some call this the party island. If you want to have an extended honeymoon at one of the most exciting places in the world, then Barbados is a great location. Some resorts will actually include the wedding in the holiday package, free of charge!


The Island of St Lucia. If you are looking for a wedding in the midst’s of the Caribbean, and Barbados doesn’t seem right, try this location. If you want a all out massive wedding and everything to be sorted out for you, the St Lucia holidays package can be modified to include; wedding coordinator, government fees, clergyman or magistrate, decorated garden or wedding site, witnesses, bridal bouquet and matching buttonhole, wedding cake and even a bottle of bubbly. This is by far the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands, but it does happen to be the most expensive place to get married, other than Antigua.


Look for a wedding in Africa, then I seriously recommend Pinewood Village in Kenya. The beaches are absolutely glorious, and can you imagine yourself (the bride) being led down to the seaside by an entourage of Maasai warriors under floral archways to the marriage dais on the shore, this wedding is completely exclusive and not a single other wedding will be taking place on the same day as yours. If you choose the Pinewood Village package you will find a massive accompaniment of goodies; A manicure and pedicure for the bride to be, a lovely wedding cake, cocktails for all the guests, a massage for both bride and groom, sparkling wine for the celebrations, a chance to have the reception at the Peponi beach and all the government fees including registrar.


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