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The wedding arch is probably one of the “must haves” when you are conducting an outdoor wedding or an outdoor wedding reception. In fact, if you can find a way to incorporate a wedding arch indoors somehow without it looking out of place, even better. Wedding arches are simple, yet capable of making a powerful statement, and the perfect or the right kind of wedding arch can do wonders for your outdoor wedding or outdoor wedding reception.

Once you have decided for sure that you want to have a wedding arch at your wedding, the next step to consider is what sort of wedding arch you want to get and how you would go about decorating it. When you first purchase your wedding arch, you need to be aware that it is just going to be a plain white thing. You may start to panic and think how on earth you are going to decorate that big, bare piece of structure, but the key is to take one thing at the time.

If you are not sure about which way to go for the wedding arch reception decorations, or your outdoor wedding, you could always keep it simple and try to go for the in betweens or pick out some neutral wedding arch reception decorations, or your decorations for your outdoor wedding that will work well if you are having a unique wedding theme or a regular wedding. Again, you don’t have to panic thinking of how you are going to decorate your wedding arch just right if you want to play it safe and go for neutral decorations, because it is really not as hard as you might think.

You could even keep your decorations simple by decorating the arch with gauzy material and adding on some balloons to it. Not the big, loud and gaudy kinds that you find at birthday parties or carnivals, but the simple plain white kind. And you don’t have to have too many of them, just a bunch (with two or three balloons in the bunch) placed at strategic locations around your wedding arch. You might just be surprised at the kind of effect you end up with.

The basics of how to decorate a simple, neutral wedding arch is the same for almost any sort of wedding you might have – gauzy material to give it that sheer look, and additional decoration add-ons like silk bows and ribbons and some foliage here and there (either real or fake, you decide). Wedding arches are definitely not a mandatory thing, but you might want to think about using one because it adds a lot more beauty to your outdoor wedding, no matter where the location.

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