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Choosing Flowers For Your Wedding

Choosing your florist is at the top of the things that you want to get squared away before you wedding date You want someone dependable. But you also want one with a reputation of having quality flowers.

Nearly every couple wants two things from their wedding – they want it to be beautiful, and they want it to be unique. There are many ways to make your wedding unique, but one of the best ways is in your choice of fall wedding bouquets. Choose flowers of your flavor color or that match your personality or that express your feelings.

At one time there existed a profession/science known as florigraphy. It postulated that flowers had hidden meanings. In these times flowers were chosen on the basis of their meaning. For example – the Viscaria flower means will you dance with me. The red rose meant, “I love you”. The message of the Primrose was, “I can’t live without you.”. Nowadays, however, that’s gone by the wayside and bride choose their flowers mainly based on color.

Are you going to have an outdoor or an indoor wedding? This is the first floral related decision that you will have to make. If it is to be held outdoors, ensure that you choose a flower for your floral arrangement that will hold up in outdoor weather. If your wedding is to be in the summer, you’ll want flowers that won’t wilt in the heat. If your wedding is to be in the winter or fall, you want flowers that won’t freeze easily

The second thing that you’ll decide on is your wedding theme. Until you decide on a theme for your wedding, your floral selection is in limbo. Your wedding banquet theme should follow the same theme as the rest of your wedding.

In olden days bouquets were not made of flowers. They consisted of herbs and spices that were meant to ward off evil spirits. It wasn’t until Victorian times that the herbs and spices were replace by fresh flowers.

If you want a really unusual wedding floral bouquet, take a look at candy one made out of, for example, chocolates. The chocolates can be of different colors and sizes and shaped¬† just like flowers. They’re fantastic conversation pieces and also perfect for those with a sweet tooth. These would not usually be carried by the bride, but they are perfect for tables at the wedding reception.

If you’re adverse to taking chances, roses are always a popular choice. Roses are a popular choice because they’re so beautiful, they are a universal symbol of love, and most important of all they are hardy enough to withstand lots of handling.

Real flowers are fragile and don’t last long. That’s why many brides opt for silk or imitation flowers. But if you do use real flowers and want to preserve them, you can send them to one of the many freeze dry specialists who can extract all of the water from them and re-arrange them into their original configuration for you to place on your mantle. For the best results, you shouldn’t wait longer than 4 days after the wedding before having the bouquet freeze dried.

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