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Wedding Centerpieces to Astound Your Guests

For those that want to be safe, flowers are always the route to go when choosing your wedding centerpiece. But for those that want to be a bit more creative, there are more than a few alternatives that are available to them.

Few things add more romance to the celebration than candle wedding centerpieces. You can find many types of kits of various quality. An example of a great looking piece are the floating candle kits. You can buy these over the Internet as well as from wedding catalogs. The floating candle centerpiece is so named because the candle “floats” on a foundation of glass stones placed in water.

Most cheap wedding centerpieces can be created from uncommon and unique objects as diverse as seashells, candles and even stones. For instance, a seashell centerpiece would work great or a beach theme. If you are having a wedding in a Japanese garden, for example, a wedding centerpiece designed around stones could be ideal. Let your wedding theme guide your choice of what type of wedding centerpiece to go with instead of the other way around.

Another unusual idea for a wedding table centerpiece is to use a tropical fruit theme (coconuts, pineapples, etc) instead of a floral theme. This can give the proceedings a nice exotic feel.  Fruit is also relatively inexpensive when compared with some of the other choices available.

Do you like sweets? If so, a candy centerpiece certainly might be one of the more unusual decorations. Think about having candy bouquets as centerpieces. In addition, to being tasteful, a candy centerpiece is self liquidating. You won’t have to worry about what to do with the wedding centerpiece once the celebrations are over.

Live fish swimming in a bowl as a wedding centerpiece certainly provides a great visual impact. The idea is to stock the bowl with a few species of colorful fish. You would then populate the bottom of each bowl with glass marbles or beads. Not only will it act as a great conversation piece but it will also help to  keep the children occupied at the kids table. The one drawback is that not everyone is comfortable with the idea of utilizing live animals such as fish for an event like this. In addition, there’s the question of what to do with the fish once the wedding ceremony is over.

For a really romantic wedding centerpiece, think about using a heart shaped candle-holder. You place one or two on each table and when the lights are dimmed, they create a dramatic display.  These are also great keepsakes to give to the guests once the wedding is over. And, for the do-it-yourselfers, these also are a very simple craft project that you can make at home by yourself. You can also add an aromatic element by using scented candles.

If you’re without fear and have at least a bit of decorative taste, you may be adventurous enough to try your hand at creating your own wedding centerpieces. Not only is it a fantastic means of saving money, but it also lets you be involved in a more creative way in the planning of your own wedding. If you don’t know where to start, you can find detailed plans on the internet on creating some very striking and beautiful arrangements. The downside, of course, is that it can be a hassle trying to put all the pieces together by yourself.

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