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DIY Invitations for Irish Weddings

An Irish Wedding Traditional theme is chosen by the bride or groom because they are Irish. Their family originally came from Ireland.

They would like to choose an Irish wedding. Either because of the long standing tradition with the Celts. Their interest in folklore dates back to medieval times. The reasons do not matter. Just enjoy your wonderful day.

The Irish wedding day gives the bride and groom a chance to show their family and friends. A true Irish wedding could include the horse drawn carriage.

After the date has been picked . All the arrangements have been organised. Brides thoughts then turn to choosing Irish wedding invitations. The diy wedding invitations are normally sent out around 8 weeks before your wedding date.

A Gaelic poem could be included. An English translation could be included for your guests.

You can pick from a number of designs to make your own do it yourself wedding invitations.
A more viable option would be to have a green card. Stick the Irish wedding invitation wording onto the card. Around the outside of the invite leave a green border. The DIY Wedding Invitation could be in cream or white with a Shamrock in the centre at the top of the invite.

You could choose to have a single long card. The front of the invitation could be in the color green. You can glue a white ribbon across the centre with the words saying Irish Wedding Invite.
On the reverse of the card you can then state your invitation wording.

Another cheap wedding invite to make. If you choose a single long white rectangular single card with silver writing. A drawing of a claddagh ring could be placed at the top of your invite.

Please remember and buy your envelopes at the same time as buying your diy wedding cards. This means you will be able to make your own diy wedding invitations and then send them off to your guests for a fraction of the cost of preordering from a stationers.

DIY Irish Wedding Invitation Toppers


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