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From The Wedding Planner’s Book Comes A Year-Long Organizer

It can be difficult to keep track of the days that lead up to a wedding.  Depending on how well the plans are made and how many deadlines are set, the time could go by very slow, or the time could go by very fast.  Many people feel that wedding planners help to manage the time and keep them on track.  However, engaged couples could achieve this result themselves by using the year long organizer used by wedding planners everywhere.This tool will ensure a wedding that is planned and perfect.

Far Away Dates

The wedding organizer used by planners assumes that the engagement will last at least twelve months, with the earliest decisions being made this far in advance.  The first decisions that should be made are merely preliminary.At twelve months before the wedding, the bride and groom should announce their engagement to family and friends, send an announcement to their local newspapers, and purchase wedding software organizers and planning materials.

With eleven months to go, the future bride and groom should begin planning their budget, research and determine the location, and decide on who will participate in the bridal party.  Perhaps the most important decision of all, the date of the wedding, should be set by at least ten months before the wedding.

After the date is set for the wedding, other details can be set in stone.  The location for the wedding should be booked approximately ten months before hand, and other services can be researched and selected.

Getting Closer

As the date grows nearer and nearer, the organizer used by wedding planners begins to focus on more specific details.  Brides typically begin shopping at nine months before the date, and couples should begin registering for gifts at this point as well.  Once eight months rolls around, the minister and cake should be decided on.  This is also when honeymoon plans should be made.  The wedding dress can be ordered and the bridesmaid’s dresses selected about seven months before the date.

Celebration Countdown

For a wedding planner, an organizer helps them to not only determine when decisions need to be made, but what those decisions are.  One such decision is where the stationary will be ordered from.  This should occur at about six months prior to the wedding.  Five months beforehand, the favors, rings, decorations, and grooms attire should be selected.  By four and three months before hand, the bride and groom should begin to finalize appointments and bookings.

It’s A Date!

Invitations are typically mailed about two months prior to the wedding date, and the acceptances can be recorded in the same organizer that wedding planners use.  The marriage license should be applied for at this time as well.

The last month is when everything comes together, and it is when the year-long organizer used by wedding planners is needed the most. From picking up rings, to arranging hotel rooms for out of town guests, to making time to relax, the list of things to do grows longer and longer.

Staying On Top Of Things

Using the same wedding organizer used by wedding planners helps you to plan a wedding like one.This means you can enjoy the perks of a wedding planner without actually paying for one!

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