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Wedding Planner Contract

It didn't happen if it isn't written. Your wedding planner contract should result in many written contracts to protect yourself. Ensure that the details are written as smart people planning their nuptials would do. With no wedding planner contract covering all aspects from the photographer, reception room, cake and more, your journey is not complete.

It is not enough to like the vendor you meet, and it doesn’t matter if you like them. It is unimportant if it is a well know company of good standing. Without a written, signed and binding contract, it never happened. Just think of all the hard work you put in could be wasted without written proof to protect you. Keep in mind that a written wedding planner contract not only protects the consumer, it also protects the vendor. It's best for everyone involved.

It is impossible to remember everything as there are so many things to be done for your wedding. You may have all the details you want in your written notes, but those details must find their way to the official written wedding planner contract.

You may show up for your reception only to find that the room is not available for another 3-hours, because there was a scheduling conflict. Even worse, you find that the time of your reception is not noted in the wedding planner contract. As you permitted such a crucial detail to be excluded from the wedding planner contract you are not covered. You may find out that the chef changed the meny to include beef instead of lamb.

The samples above show only a few details on why it is important to include information in your wedding planner contract. Assume nothing and ensure it is included in the wedding contract. Even if you think it is trivial to worry about such details, include it all in the wedding planner contract to protect yourself.

Getting a written wedding planner contract is worthless unless you fully understand it. That means you have to carefully read it. Asking an attorney to go over the contract with you may be a wise decision to make sure you don't miss anything vital. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you into signing any wedding planner contract before reading it. If you are being pressured to sign on the spot, it is time to walk.

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