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Tie The Knot in Credit Crunch Style

We all know that getting married these days is going to set you back a fortune. Whether you would like your wedding to be small or big, you will end up paying a fortune. This is why a huge amount of people have employed a new trend of instead of receiving wedding presents they would much rather have money given to them.

There are a variety of costs involved in getting married in this day and age.
1) Buying the perfect dress and suit
2) Planning and booking halls
3) Catering
4) Transport
5) Flowers

But this does not stop there, because even after the wedding you have to pay for the honeymoon and anything else that comes along with that, including spending money, eating out and the transport around the destination and too and from the airport.

So I believe now is the best time to look at getting married, as we already know we are in the midst of a huge credit crunch, therefore one industry that will be suffering is the wedding industry. People will definitely be holding back from getting married at the moment, but I feel that is totally the wrong decision to make, because now in my opinion is the best time to get married.

With businesses struggling everywhere has put down there rates and you could in fact get married for around 40% lower than usual. Due to the decrease in airfares you can now get married abroad very cost efficient indeed.

So if you think that the credit crunch is all doom and gloom and bad then think again as for some lucky people getting married on a budget is a dream come true.

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