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No Bridezillas Allowed

Bridezillas are never attracitve

There is an epidemic that is sweeping the country and plaguing recently betrothed women. It is infinitely nasty.  Symptoms include bouts of selfishness, controlling behaviour, mood swings and compulsive meticulousness. Its effect can last from a few short days to many months. 

Where the totally unexpected happens, try and stay calm – the following stress management tips may help you escape the dreaded Bridezilla Syndrome.  Try to do whatever you can to avoid crying uncontrollably before your wedding as it will not help your wedding photography. 

Evading Bridzilla Syndrome will also help preserve your judgment and wisdom and allow you to enjoy your special day.

The following stress management should help you escape the dreaded Bridezilla Syndrome.

1. Treat yourself and loved ones
Take time out from the planning to relieve the wedding pressure. Treat yourself to a massage or arrange to meet friends for a coffee. Arrange a date and remind yourselves of why you’re getting married.

2. Maintain a sense of humour
It’s best just to laugh off comments and not worry about people’s perceptions of what you should or shouldn’t do. Leading up to and on your wedding day, things can and often do, go awry just go with it. Make the best out of a situation and enjoy yourself.

3. Talk to your groom about his involvement
Some grooms like to be involved in the decision making processes that surround a wedding. Some just want to turn up on the day. This enables you both to know where you are in terms of the planning process from the onset.

4. Accept you can not control everything

Get a wedding planner to help with the fine detail in planning your french wedding. Wedding planners do the job for a living and will ease your worries without taking over. 
There are probably several people you know who would love to help you. and get the to  carry out some minor tasks. 

5. Keep everything in  perspective
It’s all too easy to get bogged down with the hundreds of details surrounding a wedding stress and panic take over. While there is no doubt that your wedding day is an incredibly important day in your life, it is just one day.

6. Dont sweat the small stuff too much

A year down the line, details like the colour of the tasssels on the order of service and the colour of the aisle runner really won’t matter and will have been forgotten.

7. A daily ‘wedding talk’ ban may save your sanity
Set yourself a time, say immediately after dinner after which there is to be no more wedding talk. This should happen on a daily basis!

Do not turn into a Bridezilla at your wedding in France.  It spoils your french wedding photography.

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