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A Bride’s Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

It acts as a stress-buster and enables you to calmly deal with unexpected situations. Knowing that are prepared for any  unforeseen disasters at your french wedding will help you relax. Hopefully no matter what arises, you’re bound to have something in your kit that can deal with it!

Despite checking and double-checking everything…twice and military-like planning like in Mission Impossible everything…twice, problems can  will arise on your wedding day and even possibly at a french wedding. However, being prepared with a [spin]|bride’s[/spin] emergency kit will mean that whatever happens at your french wedding, you will be ready for it and you can carry on with your special day with out getting flustered.  

In simple terms, you don’t carry it all with you during the day! Have essentials like lipstick and tissues, close to hand in a small handbag or maybe in your bridesmaid’s/mother’s bag.   The rest should be kept somewhere accessible such as in your locked bedroom if you have accommodation at your wedding reception, or hidden behind a screen or under a clothed table if you are in marquee. Just make sure that your key assistants like your bridesmaids or immediate family know where it is in case of an emergency! 

Keep all items in a spacious box, bag or basket so it’s easy to find everything at a simple glance and you don’t have to rummage around.

Just in case your maid-of-honor prefers boy watching to boy scouting, you could either ask someone to help you put this bridal emergency kit together, or pull it together yourself or as a last resort delegate it to your wedding planner.  If she is going to be there for the entire day, drop her an email and check that she has all of these things in her kit and tick it off.  Especially on a destination wedding, if she has it covered you or your bridesmaid do not want to have to worry over it.

Your kit should include the following:-

‘throwaway’ garter.
clear nail polish for runs in hose
earring backs
emergency buttons
flat shoes or ballet slippers (if necessary)
tights/pantyhose (extras in case anything happened)
safety pins
masking tape (last-minute ripped hems)
small sewing kit, including thread for all dresses, wedding party

dusting powder for before pictures are taken,
hair spray, brush, barrettes and/or bobby pins
hand lotion, handi-wipes
Nail polish in shade worn, & remover
small hand towel
toothbrush and toothpaste

antihistamine, cold remedy
any prescription medications
aspirin, Tylenol, or Advil
hard sweets (better than medicinal scent or cough-drops)
smelling salts
tampons, pads
sun tan lotion (if significant activities will be outdoors)

directions to reception – extra copies
phone numbers of all service folks
small flashlight
spare change for phone
something to drink, like a bottle of water (particularly useful for lengthy photo sessions)

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