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Stop the wedding! The worst things that can happen on your big day

Everythings been booked for the big day: the castle hotel accommodation for all the guests and the reception, the cake, matching bridesmaid’s dresses, everything seems to be running fine.

Then one of these 5 things happen:

  • The bride or groom doesnt show up. Humiliating to say the least, not something that people forget about -seeing you crying at the church footsteps instead of walking down the alter. Condolenses if this tradegy has befallen you. Sometimes its a case of cold feet, sudden realisation or blind panic that makes them decide to make a run for it.
  • The dramatic revelation during the actual ceremony. One or two people cant ‘hold their peace’ for longer than five minutes let alone forever, and have decided that now is the time to let everyone know. Anything from a past act of infidelity being made known to the bride and groom actually being twins seperated at birth -if you have to tell them something, do it in advance and save them the embarassment.
  • The rings get lost. This happens alot more than you think it does, such a small yet important item going missing in the rush to get everything done, only to get upto the alter and the rings are not there -time to worry. These are the important objects bringing these two people together ’till death do they part’.
  • Gatecrashers coming to the wedding. The jilted ex, whose goal is to ruin the big day by any means necessary or declare their love for one of the intended party, the work collegue who never got their invite and makes it known at every oppotunity. Unwanted guests can choose their moment to act out for maximum effect -let people know that certain people arent to be let in and turned away from the event.
  • Hundreds of the smaller matters to attend to. On the wedding day, the smallest thing that goes wrong can seem much bigger than it actually is, but telling the bride this may just send her over the edge. The food can be wrong, the dj can not turn up, the limo runs out of gas- any number of hundred different things can happen. So just try to take it all in your stride -and pray.


Looking for that castle hotel still? Rowton castle just may well be the place for your wedding.

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