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Why You Should Have A Wedding Website

Wedding Website

You can learn a lot from the web. The internet is a fabulous source for inspiration these days. You can visit the wedding websites of the other couples to learn about how they make the decisions.  With the advance in internet technology, it is very common for couples nowadays to have a wedding websites. Yet, most brides and grooms do not really know how they should utilize the sites.

You can get some free hosting spaces and start it. Of course you may also get a free domain if you want. The advantage is that you do not need to spend any money if you do so.

Of course you will still have choices if you do not have any knowledge on html programming. There are a lot of services in the market and you can choose from a range of templates and designs when you are trying to build your wedding website. They are easy to use and you do not need to do any programming thing when you post new contents to the site. What is even better is that some of these services are free!

In fact, the function of a wedding website is not only sharing, you may even plan your wedding using your website. For example, there are companies which will help you to create wedding websites. These companies will add a lot of functions to your site. You may be able to arrange your guests list online. Online organizers help you track your schedule.

The next question is how you should use the wedding website you have created. In fact, the site should help you a lot when you are planning for your wedding. They especially come into their own for destination wedding venues.  If you are going to have a destination wedding, your guests may need your help in order to arrange the accommodations. To this end, you can put the information of the hotels around your wedding venue so that your guests can arrange the accommodation easily. Of course you will also put the web addresses of the hotels on your wedding website so that your guests can book online.

Of course you will also be putting other information on the wedding website. It is very true that you may not be able to put all the information about your big day on the invitation card you send to your guests. You can virtually put as much information you want on the site. You may even arrange the guests list with your websites. You guests can reply if they will attend or not online. To this end you will not need to print RSVP cars. And this will help you to save a lot of money on your wedding invitations.

The wedding website is also a portal of sharing. Other couples can visit your site and they can understand more about your event. They will also be sharing their experiences of wedding planning.

The website will allow you to put all of the travel information (air, car, hotel) in one spot that everyone has access to. You can also add a ton of information about your destination wedding venue or city, which is great for people who have never been there before. 

Since nearly everyone will have an email address these days, you can inform your guests about your wedding website by sending them emails. If you are going to print wedding invitations, you may also put the URL of the wedding website on the wedding card. Alternatively place a little card in your invitation to inform everyone that all information regarding the wedding such as details and maps of events will be posted on our website. This will save you many phone calls with questions about where and when each event was taking place.

You can create an online RSVP form so that you guests can submit it through your site.  The RSVP feature is handy with typically around 75% of guests replying on line! People really seem to prefer responding by email instead of snail mail. Usually you need to order RSVP cards when you order wedding invitations. However, you may not need to order the RSVP cards if you have created a wedding site.  The information your guests submitted will be stored in the database of you website. You can then check the data from time to time so that you can prepare your guest list and prepare for services such as catering easily.

Tell your guests you have a wedding website so they can visit it. Your guests will certainly be interested to visit your site before they attend your wedding. Once guests are on your site, the online registries make it very convenient for guests to give you gifts that you actually want.

Wedding websites are  a great way to learn about the bridal couple through their story, biographies and pictures. Guests really like Polls and Quizes which can be updated a few times before and after the wedding and guests can send wonderful comments through the guest book for weeks after the wedding.

Wedding websites can be incredibly easy to create.  It really can be as simple as just filling in forms online. All the work is done for you, and the designs are inspiring.

They do not need to  cost a fortune and that we were able try it before we bought it before committing to what was a thoroughly enjoyable process from beginning to end.

Wedding website can be incredilbly handy and gratifying for your friends and family around the world who can not make it to your destination wedding venue.

Sharing the photos taken on your big day is also an important task. Previously couples would mail photos to their guests. This can be very expensive since you will need to pay for the printing of photos and postage. It may even take weeks (if not months) for the guests to receive the photos. A quicker, and also cheaper, option will be putting the photos on your website. You guests will be able to see the photos instantly. If you do not want the photos to be shown to the public, you may send a password to the guests so that only your guests can view the photos .

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