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How to Dress Your Man & Selecting a Tuxedo for your Fairytale Destination Wedding

Trash the Wedding Dress and Bring Your Hubbie

Choosing the right clothes for the groom is just as important as choosing the dress and choosing your castle wedding venue.  You need to give more thought to this if you have a destination wedding venue as your vision of wedding attire at your destination might not be appropriate or climate friendly.

Without question a well tailored suit or tuxedo is the most popular choice for every type of wedding except the most casual.

Not all tuxedos are the same, and choosing one that will flatter the groom is vital. To help you choose, see our tips below for bringing a style for the men together and for choosing the right style of suit for different body types.

Tuxedo or Not?
While it remains the most popular choice for most weddings, a formal tuxedo can look out of place in some situations. Many destination weddings take place on the beach or in outdoor locations where this kind of formality may not be suitable.

For such weddings, lighter coloured fabrics, light grey or perhaps even cream or white, in cool crease-resistant fabrics look great. However the shapes that work still depend on the groom’s physique and are the same whether or not the clothes are formal.

Coordinating the Men
If you have a formal wedding the male members of the wedding party should dress in a similar style to the groom, but not identically.

A deservedly popular approach is for the groom to wear a neutral coloured tie, cummerbund or vest/waistcoat while the groomsmen wear the same style tuxedo or suit but use accessories (buttonholes, ties, cummerbunds) in colours that coordinate with the bridesmaids dresses.

Choosing Right Suit
This depends on your groom’s frame. The guidelines below will help you to choose the best suit for him.

Short & Stocky Grooms
Shoulder pads make the waist look smaller, as does a deep V neckline. Avoid pleated trousers and cummerbunds which just make you look round!

Dark grey is a better color choice than black.

Short & Slim Grooms
Tailoring is key, especially choose a very well crafted jacket, 2 or 3 button works best. Pleated trousers are good and if a cummerbund is chosen it should not be deep and one in a complimentary shade works best.

Black or very dark suits are best avoided, white is good for summer weddings or any paler shade of grey.

Tall & Slim Grooms
These lucky grooms can carry off fashionable 5 button jackets or double breasted suits with ease. Higher necklines emphasise a long upper body and can look wonderful.

If you are on the thin side, add shoulder pads and a cummerbund in a contrasting colour to add upper body definition.

Tall & Broad Grooms
Go for a shawl collar and a deep V, it will make your upper body look longer. Trousers with a subtle stripe are slimming and help avoid a blocky look and darker suits are often the best choice.

Avoid a cummerbund at all costs.

Remember to find appropriate shoes to compliment his suit.  Ask your destination wedding planner if it is possible to hire shoes.  They do not hire shoes for weddings in France for instance so all the men in your party have to bring and shine their own.

Other things for your groom to consider are a hair cut, a shave without any slices.

Bleach those teeth nice and white a month before your big day.  Have eye drops to make sure his eyes twinkle on the day. 

Very importantly do not let him have his bachelor party the night before your wedding.   Have a great day at your castle wedding venue.

And if you do a trash the dress photoshoot bring your hubbie along.


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