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Getting The Best Wedding Photography For Your Special Day

What about Photo Retouching?
We will do some minor photo retouching of digital images to enhance the DVD Photographs experience. This will include color correction, cropping, straightening, red-eye correction and enhancing the detail and lighting when needed. This will be done as part of the service to insure that your DVD Slideshowis a truly moving experience.The Parks & Recreation Department has a many facilities and playing fields that are available for rental, including Mill Pond Falls for wedding pictures, Churchill Park Pavilions for Picnics, Birthday Parties at the Teen Center and the Swimming Pools, The Kellogg Eddy House for private parties, and much more. All facility rentals require a facility use permit.

Can I create sections in a DVD so I can watch selected sections?
Yes, we can create a menu that points to individual sections of the DVD. You can select the section that you want to watch, and play to watch it.Yes. As long as your website hosting period has not yet expired, you can still keep family and friends up to date with pictures from your wedding and honeymoon.Of course, your aunt is welcome to take pictures. Normally we do not mind if a few guests or relatives shoot over our shoulders.

What are special effect transitions?
Special effect transitions are the way the slide show moves from one picture to the next. The song you choose typically dictates which transition effect you’ll use. With a slower song, a simple fade in/fade out usually looks the best. For an uptempo song, a little more livelier transitions may go well. If you don’t specify which you’d like, we will choose which looks the best.Every DVD is tested on multiple home DVD players prior to shipment.

Is it proper to tip the minister/officiant?
kind of tips i really enjoy are the thank you notes and pictures from the wedding. And I hope you willThe bride and groom can expect their album to be delivered the morning after they return from honeymoon. We have a strict rule that the online album will only be made active AFTER the Bride and Groom have seen the pics  we think its only fair you get first look! We do not approach our wedding work with the expectation of being invited to dine.

Will you take some portraits of me with my family?
Yes, we’ll gather a few groupings either before or after the ceremony (your preference). If you won’t be seeing each other before the wedding, we’ll still take individual pictures (bride and groom separately) and wedding party shots (bride w/ bridesmaids and groom w/ groomsmen) beforehand and leave portraits of you two together, family portraits and the entire wedding party for after the ceremony.Yes. At the time of purchase you can order additional copies of the DVD We will also keep products on file for 1 year and you may reorder any time during that period. The cost for additional DVD’s is just $15.00I work to get the weddings proofs online for viewing as quickly as I can.

Can I hide pictures that I do not want everyone to see?
Yes, you as the host of your “Wedding Page” can decide which pictures are private and which are public.Within about ten days, while you on your honeymoon, you should be able to log on to this web-site and see a ‘sneaky-preview’ of your wedding. Most couples can’t wait to see their wedding pictures, so Gary and Sue will choose 20 – 25 from the final selection of 200 to 300 images and load them on to the site for you to have a look at while you are away.Yes. You will need to provide us with the recording and instructions on how to use the recording. You can provide us this recording in any format that you like (CD, Audio Tape, .MP3, .


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