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What Style Do You Want The Wedding Cake To Be

However there are many things you take care of in your wedding, but wedding cake is something special? You do have the option of making your own wedding cake, and not only would this save you some money but it will be a lot of fun too. Especially if you are interested in baking and cake making and that sort of thing, making your own wedding cake may be a great idea.

How To Do A Wedding Cake

So if you have decided that you do in fact want to make your own wedding cake, you need to start by deciding what sort of cake you want to make. What style do you want the cake to be and what color, what size? These are questions that you are going to have to answer before you can even get started on your cake.

The bottom of the cake is its support and you have to begin with it. This has to be sturdy, just as with the foundation on a house, otherwise your cake is not going to be properly supported. The next step is the structure of the cake. To make dowel supports for a tier on the cake, you want to carefully push a ¼-inch thick dowel into the center of the bottom tier and mark the height of the cake on this dowel.

Another issue that you are going to have to figure out is the decorations that you want to use on the cake. You can pick and choose from a variety of decorations for toppings on the cake and around the sides. Just make sure that you stick with the same general color palette. If you mix and match various colors then the cake will look untidy.

Now that you are finished making the wedding cake, make sure that you choose the perfect wedding cake topper to go on top of it, just to add that finishing touch that is going to make it exquisite.

It is good making own cake, but remember that since you are preparing it for your wedding which is something  for you, you need to  enough time as it will take time to prepare it well.

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