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Island Weddings

Bridal Accessories For A Tropical Wedding

You are having a tropical wedding and you need some ideas about the bridal accessories you will need. Bridal accessories for a tropical wedding might include tropical table decorations, leys to give your guests, candles or tiki lamps, flowers and wedding favors. You want the day to be special and with a tropical wedding theme, your wedding will be one that everyone will enjoy and remember forever. Whether you have it on a beach or in a hall, you can decorate the place in order to create a tropical theme that will create the atmosphere of the tropics.

For the wedding dress, you will want to accessorize it with some bridal accessories for a tropical wedding. You may want a lei to compliment your wedding dress or some jewelry such as seashell earrings or a bracelet. When you have a tropical wedding, you can choose from many different kinds of accessories to match the tropical theme of your wedding. From leis to seashells to different styled dresses and wedding favors. Your bridal accessories for a tropical wedding will include flowers if you wish, which might be orchids, or a flower customary to the tropics. Everything you need for your tropical wedding can be found online or at a party store, that carries themed accessories.

Bridal accessories for a tropical wedding will also include table decorations and wedding favors. You can find seashell wedding favors that include a seashell candle, mint tins with pictures of seashells or a seashell keychain accessory. These are some of the ideas for that special wedding occasion that will delight the guests. You can use tiki lamps to line the beach area, which adds a Hawaiian touch to your wedding and reception. Couples have even been known to rent silk palm trees to line the walkway leading to the alter, were the vows are exchanged.

When you plan your tropical wedding, the bridal accessories will include a headpiece of flowers to bring out the beauty of your dress and bouquet. The headpiece can also have a tiny veil attached or by itself. These headpieces make the statement of a tropical wedding. The bridesmaids can also were the traditional headpieces that match their dresses and flowers as well. Tropical weddings would not be traditional without the garter. You can find garters with a tropical looks or a garter of traditional looks. The garter is not seen until after the reception, therefore, it can be either a tropical or a traditional garter.

Bridal accessories for a tropical wedding might also include your cake knife for cutting the cake, guest book with a seashell cover or a tropical scene and of course the cake topper. You have so many things to choose when you plan a tropical wedding and there are so many things to choose from when you start planning. From you dress to your shoes, to your wedding invitations to the thank you cards, you can plan the perfect tropical wedding and have everything just perfect on that special day.

Caribbean Style Island Weddings

Caribbean island weddings are geared towards those brides and grooms who want to experience a truly unique and memorable day. Island weddings are considered best for the couple or couples that cannot be bothered with a big church ceremony and large number of guest at the wedding with all the formalities that are expected in a traditional wedding setting.

Caribbean island weddings are intimate and can be private. These island weddings bring the closest family members together and the atmosphere is always different than what it would be at a traditional wedding. The new trend of island weddings are becoming more attractive to couples because it brings the people who are most important together to celebrate such a special day of love.

Plan Your Island Weddings in Advance

If couples are looking to make their island weddings a large affair, then it requires more planning because a specific location has to be reserved like maybe a private villa, luxurious resort, or one of the sandy beaches.

Many of the Caribbean island weddings take place in countries like Jamaica, the United States Virgin Islands, St. Martin, Barbadoes, Trinidad and much more. There are special honeymoon packages that the couples can include in their trip. Traveling to these countries does require a U.S. Passport, except for the United States Virgin Island.

Island weddings have quite a few benefits for both the engaged couples and their guests. There is a more light-hearted atmosphere that allows the couples to enjoy their special day in a tropical climate. There is opportunity to have more privacy. They can turn this also into a vacation that they probably would not normally have. It can also become a family reunion as well as their very own honeymoon in a delightful place.

For whatever the reason, couples are choosing island weddings to elope and prepare for their life ahead without all the drama of a traditional wedding. Island weddings are less stressful and allow the couple to think only about their day and not about the nuances of the preparation process.

When one thinks of island weddings, it is like a dream come true. Instead of getting married at a local resort or on one of those cruise ships; couples are opting to taking their wedding on the islands instead because of the ease and relaxation that they know that they will experience. However, the planning state is still required, but it is much easier. The couples have to decide where they want to go, the number of invited guest and how they will pay for everything. This is a day in the life of a couple that they cannot replace, so why not just experience the joy of having a wedding in the islands.