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Key West Weddings

Key West Weddings Provide Cultural Diversity

Traveling to the southernmost part of the state of Florida for a wedding offers many exciting opportunities. From being married on a boat to being married in an old castle-style building, Key West weddings offer a variety of different settings. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, about 100 miles north of Cuba, many different cultures co-exist on the last island of the state of Florida. For couples who want to experience different cultures and how they view the wedding ceremonies, Key West weddings offer some of the most unique ceremonies.

A big advantage to Key West weddings is tat the island is still in the state of Florida and all United States laws apply. There is a waiting period once the marriage license is obtained to the couple should plan on being in the state about a week before the ceremony. Many charter boats offer their services for weddings and receptions, depending on the size of the wedding party. The reception may float at the dock with a portion of the party on nearby land.

There is a lot of history in the waters surrounding the area and Key West weddings can use some of the sites in the ceremonies. Earnest Hemmingway made his home there and his house has become the backdrop for many pictures taken following Key West weddings.

Weather Offers Tropical Sunshine For Weddings

Being in a tropical area and close to many shipwrecks off the shore, Key West weddings can make a beautiful sight at which to hold a wedding regardless of the time of year. With average annual temperatures around 80 degrees, there are very few days on which weddings are cancelled due to inclement weather conditions. Some of the larger boats are also available for people to hold Key West weddings off shore and still feel secure by remaining in sight of the island.

When the wedding is over there are many things to do on the island and guests who traveled for the Key West weddings can head off on their own, without making the couple feel obligated to entertain them once the reception ends. Swimming, boating and many other water sports are extremely in Key West and a honeymoon on this tiny island can last for weeks without running out of things to do.

The state bureau of tourism can help put couples in touch with planners that help plan Key West weddings for visitors. They can outline everything that is needed to be married in Florida and provide all the necessary paperwork to insure the marriage is recognized in other states.