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Planning A Wedding Here Are The Top Questions To Ask A Potential DJ

Your wedding date is scheduled, the ceremony location and reception hall are reserved, not to mention some of your other wedding services. Congratulations, you think that your major wedding decisions are actually made right? Well, not exactly! Anyone could assume that looking for a great DJ for your wedding would be as common as a search on the internet, asking one or two friends and checking some DJ websites. Of course, most DJ’s will be acceptable for your wedding right? However, there is a large distinction between some DJ’s and DJ companies. Certainly not just from the price of the DJ service, but also in the quality.

How do we evaluate what wedding DJ to pick? We’ve taken our years of experience to compile a list of the top 10 questions you should ask a possible DJ company. These questions are especially vital and sometimes overlooked. Making sure these questions get answered can help you tell the difference in the standard of DJ’s you are looking at for the wedding.

1. Are they insured fully for both liability and theft coverage? We estimate that most DJ’s are not properly insured with a business insurance policy! In addition, a large number of wedding reception locations are requiring evidence of insurance from the DJ.

2. Exactly how long has the DJ company been around?

3. The potential DJ should have a written contract for you to sign. Will it be worded fairly for both parties? Note: A DJ performance agreement needs to have simple, clear and understandable language and be no longer than a few pages. If it seems like you are buying a house with a long, hard to understand contract, we advise getting a different DJ.

4. Will the DJ organize and announce your wedding events, money dance, etc.? Can they work as an MC for your reception events?

5. Will they get your guests involved in special dances and game if you wish? Are these games and interactions contemporary? In the event that they mention the hokey pokey or Macarenakeep looking!

6. Just what exactly makes them better or distinct from other DJ companies?

7. If your DJ becomes sick, has a vehicle issue, a kids emergency or can’t make it to your wedding, what is the alternative plan? Is there another talented DJ ready to do your wedding on short notice?

8. Are they an experienced wedding DJ? What amount of weddings and ceremonies have they performed at?

9. In the event there’s an equipment malfunction, can they have backup equipment available on site?

10. Can they offer you complete references with names, emails, numbers, etc. of past wedding clients?

All your questions must be addressed by the potential DJ company. When you make a decision on the person or company you want for your wedding entertainment, it’s important to reserve that date right away. Why? Because some of the popular disc jockeys are booked well in advance on busy wedding dates, sometimes with a year or even more. If you wait, you may have to be happy with your next choice. Best of luck on your hunt for the perfect DJ and congratulations!

By Tom Kenemore, Pro Sound & Light Show DJs & Uplighting, Duluth, Minnesota. For more advice and tips on wedding planning, check out Wedding DJ Minnesota. Pro Sound & Light Show DJ’s & Uplighting provide award winning Minnesota Wedding DJs as well as wedding DJ’s and Uplighting in Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan.

Dance Floor Activities for the Wedding Celebration

Dancing is an essential component at most wedding receptions. We look forward to the couple’s “first dance” and the bride’s special dance with her father. It’s also a place to get loose and funky, if you’re a guest or a member of the wedding party.

But what if the wedding planners decided to add some fun and surprise to the dance floor by adding fun activities there? This doesn’t mean a rousing version of the “Bunny Hop”, which, while maybe essential, is hardly unique.

There are, however, many fun games and activities you can add to your dance floor activities that are sure to be a hit.

Try a fun game of the “chicken dance”. Ok, so that doesn’t sound too original. But if most of your guests are just sitting at their tables, watching a few brave couples dancing, or just finishing their meals, you might want to get everyone up and having fun. Try this game.

The DJ announces a number. Everyone looks under his or her chair, where there is a number. Depending on the number of guests at the wedding, there might be only numbers “1” and “2” or more, up to 5.

So, say the DJ announces number “4”. Each person checks under their chair to see what their number is. These numbers can be written simply on a piece of masking tape and affixed to the underside of the chairs when the reception is being set up. Each “4” in this scenario will head to the dance floor to do the chicken dance with the other “4s”. Not only does this get people out of their chairs and on to the dance floor, they get to know other wedding reception guests they might not otherwise know.

One dance floor activity that’s gaining popularity is to bring in a dance teacher for the wedding reception. As a kind of pre-dance activity, the teacher will quickly walk people through their paces on the dance floor, perhaps teaching a bit of the waltz or, for something completely different, a little bit of the tango, before the music officially begins and dancing commences.

Having a dance teacher do a bit of teaching not only livens up the reception right from the start, but it gets people out on the dance floor who might otherwise be too self-conscious normally to get out there and let it all hang out. And practically speaking, it will likely make the wedding guests feel more confident in their skills before the “official” dancing begins.

Another fun activity to get everyone on the dance floor, including even the most reticent, is something you can refer to as the “snowball” dance. This is a good way to jumpstart the dancing at the beginning of the evening.

Here’s how the “snowball” dance works. The wedding party, bride and groom included, will head to the dance floor for a fun dance. The music for this dance should be fast, something with a disco beat or a fast song that most people have at least a passing familiarity with. After a bit of wedding party dancing, the music stops. The female members of the wedding party move into the crowd and bring back one male each. The male members of the wedding party do the same, but they bring in female guests. The dancing then begins again. This is repeated until all the guests are dancing. It’s truly a snowball effect!

Love Songs For Weddings: Choose Those That Fit The Personality Of The Couple-To-Be

There are many options available from which to choose love songs for weddings though you should have an idea as to whether to follow tradition or not, and whether you want music that you can dance to not only with the bride or bridegroom but also with mum and dad as well. Thus, it is really up to how fertile is your imagination for you to pick the best love songs for weddings though you should keep in mind that the love songs should be entertaining, and if it can complement the theme and also the style of the wedding, so much the better.

Lighthearted Music Will Suit A Playful Couple Very Well

Though there are literally millions of love songs to choose from, you need to narrow down the choice for your love songs for weddings to those that fit in best with your personality, and so for a couple that is silly or playful by nature, there is a lot going for them to choose love songs that are lighthearted, and if you were a serious pair, you may choose other type of love songs for weddings.

What is essential when choosing your love songs for weddings is that whatever songs you choose, must be those that both the bride and groom are fond of, and what others feel or think about these love songs is really irrelevant. Though there are many other types of music to choose from, love songs are most popular and they are well suited for both the ceremony as well as the wedding reception.

Before selecting your love songs for weddings, you must ensure that the songs identify with both partners and which also perhaps hold special meaning for both the bride and bridegroom. If you are strapped for choice, then you can consider some perennial favorites of which good examples are “Can you Feel the Love Tonight” which is sung by Elton John, or you could consider Stevie Wonder’s “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” and even Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are”.

In any case, the love songs for weddings can also be contemporary or classical and certainly there are many top 40 hits to choose from as well. Other possibilities include such hits such as “Here, There and Everywhere” by the Beatles, “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” by Bryan Adams and even “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton. You can easily buy these love songs for weddings on CDs and have them play throughout the wedding ceremonies, or if you are feeling particularly romantic, why not even try crooning them yourself?

Poems For Weddings Replacing Reception Toasts

There are many occasions where simple words cannot convey true feelings and weddings are one of those times. Poetry has always been considered the language of love and some couples are either forgoing the traditional wedding toast in favor of reciting poems for weddings, writing their own or finding one that expresses their true feelings about getting married to the special partner. Poetry, for many is not limited to the bride and groom as poems have been written and recited to convey the thought between the parents and their children as well.

Some couple are also using favorite poems for weddings as their wedding vows during the ceremony or during the service to offer words of love and commitment. It is also appropriate for poetry to be recited at wedding showers and during prayer services prior to the wedding ceremony. In some instances a couple mat write their own rhymes about their future life together and others will find already penned poems for weddings to share with others.

Saying just the right thing during the wedding or ceremony can go a long way towards setting the stage for their married life. Remembering their poems for weddings can even help couples get over anger in stressful times. Many will have their poems engraved on a plaque and hung in their home as a reminded of the promises made at the beginning.

Into The Garden: A Wedding Anthology: Poetry and Prose on Love and Marriage Into The Garden: A Wedding Anthology: Poetry and Prose on Love and Marriage

Many Love Songs Began As Poetry

Rhyming words is an art form all its own and many love songs include rhyming lyrics, possibly beginning as a poem before being set to music. When looking for the perfect poems for weddings do not forget the many songs that have been played and by reciting the lyrics, they can serve as poems for weddings between the couple. For those lacking the talent to find the right words to say, this can be a huge help.

When considering writing poems for weddings, especially your own, make sure you write it down and recite it often. Some times the words will flow freely forming the perfect poetry with which feelings can be expressed. Other time, by going back over the words there may be others that offer a deeper meaning.

Even with poems for weddings it pays to practice reciting them and there is no shame in reading from a paper at the reception or even during the church service. After all a lot of time and effort goes into writing poems for weddings and there is no reason to mess up the moment by forgetting the words.

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