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Outdoor Wedding

Tips For A Successful Outdoor Wedding

Weddings are beautiful occasions where people show up happy and optimistic in their fine clothes. An outdoor wedding can be a beautiful event wherein the union of two blessed souls will unite in front of their friends and family. An outdoor wedding may be a tricky thing to pull off especially if both the ceremony and the reception are to be held outdoors.

Tips For An Outdoor Wedding

When planning an outdoor wedding, you must first consider the weather. It is better to plan your wedding around spring or summertime to have the best chances of no rain or snow during the wedding. Your only weather problem for an outdoor wedding planned around these times is the heat. Make sure you provide canopies or extra shade for the guests while they are seated attending your wedding. If you can plan your outdoor wedding late in the afternoon when the sun is not so harsh, it would be better. For autumn or winter outdoor weddings, it is best to keep umbrellas and extra coats handy in case the weather turns nasty. A tent can be great solution to weather problems.

It is also advisable to have a plan B just in case your outdoor wedding needs to be relocated to a venue out of the rain or snow. Even if you have extra umbrellas or a big tent, these can only hold of light rain, when the heavy rains come, the tent might collapse under intense water build up in the fold of the tent.

An outdoor wedding is naturally blessed with foliage and flowers or maybe the sea and sand. In spite of all the natural beauty, make sure that the venue is clean on the wedding day especially if it is in a public place where people might have passed recently.

You might also like to prepare for a windy day even if it is during spring or summer. When planning an outdoor wedding, choose fabrics that are heavy enough to withstand light to heavy breezes. There is nothing more embarrassing than having your skirt or train lifted up by the wind. Ask your hairstylist to arrange your hair accordingly and also those of your entourage. You might also like to forewarn guests regarding the windy location of your outdoor wedding. You might also like to consider the lighting in case your outdoor wedding goes well into the night.

Bugs might be uninvited guests to your outdoor wedding. Put out some citronella candles or other anti insect sprays and lotion to help your guests concentrate on your wedding instead of continually swat flying insects. If you are having your reception outdoors also, make sure that the caterer is aware of your outdoor plan so they can prepare food that does not spoil easily under the heat and so that they can prepare for insects who are attracted to the food.

These are just a few sensible tips to making your big outdoor event a success. Always keep a checklist of the things to do on the day of your wedding so as not to forget anything crucial.