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Weddings Reception Decorations

Weddings Reception Decorations Can Fit The Wedding Theme

When planning weddings reception decorations can be used to match the theme of the wedding so the bride and groom have an exciting overall experience. While buying all the weddings reception decorations can be an expensive proposition, numerous companies rent virtually every type of decoration a couple could hope to find. If they want a beach theme wedding they can even have sand brought into the reception to emulate being on the beach.

Many couples plan theme weddings and if they plan on an outdoor wedding it is easier to carry the theme through the ceremony and into the reception. There are those that plan their weddings around a Roman theme and the weddings reception decorations may make the hall resemble the Parthenon. Theme weddings are becoming more popular and through them couples can realize the fantasy wedding they have dreamed about. Regardless of the type of wedding ceremony they have they can find the weddings reception decorations to carry it out.

Decorating for wedding receptions used to be a simple matter of hanging some crepe paper and throwing some confetti on the tables. Today, the weddings reception decorations are much more elaborate, with many props and scenery rented for the occasion. Many times the couple will ask the guests for the reception to dress their part for participation in the theme.

Holidays Provide Many Decorating Ideas

A couple being married around Halloween may decide to have a costume party theme for their receptions at which guests are asked to attend in costume. The weddings reception decorations will include pumpkins, skeletons and other props most often associated with the holiday. The basket into which give envelopes are placed can be a large pumkin, the type used by children for trick or treating and the groom may show up wearing a ball and chain.

Many more traditional weddings reception decorations are also available and usually cover the gamut of tablecloths, table skirts and numerous decorations for the cake and the food tables. While silver is a popular color for many weddings reception decorations, pastel colors are growing in popularity, especially for wedding held in the spring.

While weddings reception decorations usually revolve around the theme of the wedding, it is not unusual to find them relating to the weather. Couple who love to ski, for example may have a skiing theme to their winter wedding, using skis and a fake ski lift as part of the decorations.