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Key West Weddings Provide Cultural Diversity

Traveling to the southernmost part of the state of Florida for a wedding offers many exciting opportunities. From being married on a boat to being married in an old castle-style building, Key West weddings offer a variety of different settings. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, about 100 miles north of Cuba, many different cultures co-exist on the last island of the state of Florida. For couples who want to experience different cultures and how they view the wedding ceremonies, Key West weddings offer some of the most unique ceremonies.

A big advantage to Key West weddings is tat the island is still in the state of Florida and all United States laws apply. There is a waiting period once the marriage license is obtained to the couple should plan on being in the state about a week before the ceremony. Many charter boats offer their services for weddings and receptions, depending on the size of the wedding party. The reception may float at the dock with a portion of the party on nearby land.

There is a lot of history in the waters surrounding the area and Key West weddings can use some of the sites in the ceremonies. Earnest Hemmingway made his home there and his house has become the backdrop for many pictures taken following Key West weddings.

Weather Offers Tropical Sunshine For Weddings

Being in a tropical area and close to many shipwrecks off the shore, Key West weddings can make a beautiful sight at which to hold a wedding regardless of the time of year. With average annual temperatures around 80 degrees, there are very few days on which weddings are cancelled due to inclement weather conditions. Some of the larger boats are also available for people to hold Key West weddings off shore and still feel secure by remaining in sight of the island.

When the wedding is over there are many things to do on the island and guests who traveled for the Key West weddings can head off on their own, without making the couple feel obligated to entertain them once the reception ends. Swimming, boating and many other water sports are extremely in Key West and a honeymoon on this tiny island can last for weeks without running out of things to do.

The state bureau of tourism can help put couples in touch with planners that help plan Key West weddings for visitors. They can outline everything that is needed to be married in Florida and provide all the necessary paperwork to insure the marriage is recognized in other states.

Love Songs For Weddings: Choose Those That Fit The Personality Of The Couple-To-Be

There are many options available from which to choose love songs for weddings though you should have an idea as to whether to follow tradition or not, and whether you want music that you can dance to not only with the bride or bridegroom but also with mum and dad as well. Thus, it is really up to how fertile is your imagination for you to pick the best love songs for weddings though you should keep in mind that the love songs should be entertaining, and if it can complement the theme and also the style of the wedding, so much the better.

Lighthearted Music Will Suit A Playful Couple Very Well

Though there are literally millions of love songs to choose from, you need to narrow down the choice for your love songs for weddings to those that fit in best with your personality, and so for a couple that is silly or playful by nature, there is a lot going for them to choose love songs that are lighthearted, and if you were a serious pair, you may choose other type of love songs for weddings.

What is essential when choosing your love songs for weddings is that whatever songs you choose, must be those that both the bride and groom are fond of, and what others feel or think about these love songs is really irrelevant. Though there are many other types of music to choose from, love songs are most popular and they are well suited for both the ceremony as well as the wedding reception.

Before selecting your love songs for weddings, you must ensure that the songs identify with both partners and which also perhaps hold special meaning for both the bride and bridegroom. If you are strapped for choice, then you can consider some perennial favorites of which good examples are “Can you Feel the Love Tonight” which is sung by Elton John, or you could consider Stevie Wonder’s “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” and even Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are”.

In any case, the love songs for weddings can also be contemporary or classical and certainly there are many top 40 hits to choose from as well. Other possibilities include such hits such as “Here, There and Everywhere” by the Beatles, “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” by Bryan Adams and even “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton. You can easily buy these love songs for weddings on CDs and have them play throughout the wedding ceremonies, or if you are feeling particularly romantic, why not even try crooning them yourself?

Tips For A Successful Outdoor Wedding

Weddings are beautiful occasions where people show up happy and optimistic in their fine clothes. An outdoor wedding can be a beautiful event wherein the union of two blessed souls will unite in front of their friends and family. An outdoor wedding may be a tricky thing to pull off especially if both the ceremony and the reception are to be held outdoors.

Tips For An Outdoor Wedding

When planning an outdoor wedding, you must first consider the weather. It is better to plan your wedding around spring or summertime to have the best chances of no rain or snow during the wedding. Your only weather problem for an outdoor wedding planned around these times is the heat. Make sure you provide canopies or extra shade for the guests while they are seated attending your wedding. If you can plan your outdoor wedding late in the afternoon when the sun is not so harsh, it would be better. For autumn or winter outdoor weddings, it is best to keep umbrellas and extra coats handy in case the weather turns nasty. A tent can be great solution to weather problems.

It is also advisable to have a plan B just in case your outdoor wedding needs to be relocated to a venue out of the rain or snow. Even if you have extra umbrellas or a big tent, these can only hold of light rain, when the heavy rains come, the tent might collapse under intense water build up in the fold of the tent.

An outdoor wedding is naturally blessed with foliage and flowers or maybe the sea and sand. In spite of all the natural beauty, make sure that the venue is clean on the wedding day especially if it is in a public place where people might have passed recently.

You might also like to prepare for a windy day even if it is during spring or summer. When planning an outdoor wedding, choose fabrics that are heavy enough to withstand light to heavy breezes. There is nothing more embarrassing than having your skirt or train lifted up by the wind. Ask your hairstylist to arrange your hair accordingly and also those of your entourage. You might also like to forewarn guests regarding the windy location of your outdoor wedding. You might also like to consider the lighting in case your outdoor wedding goes well into the night.

Bugs might be uninvited guests to your outdoor wedding. Put out some citronella candles or other anti insect sprays and lotion to help your guests concentrate on your wedding instead of continually swat flying insects. If you are having your reception outdoors also, make sure that the caterer is aware of your outdoor plan so they can prepare food that does not spoil easily under the heat and so that they can prepare for insects who are attracted to the food.

These are just a few sensible tips to making your big outdoor event a success. Always keep a checklist of the things to do on the day of your wedding so as not to forget anything crucial.

How To Plan Inexpensive Weddings

Weddings can cost several thousands of dollars. Not all people have the capacity to have a really expensive wedding. There are many ways of saving your money and yet have a great wedding at the same time.

Tips To Plan Inexpensive Weddings

In order to effectively plan inexpensive weddings, you will need to know which parts of the wedding are expensive and which can be managed on a tight budget. By looking at a wedding objectively, you can plan inexpensive weddings too. After you have decided which parts of the wedding need more money than the others, you can start canvassing for the items on your list.

As long as you have the time, you can organize and plan inexpensive weddings by yourself with the help of your wedding party and other friends. Getting a wedding organizer or a planner may seem the trend today but you can save money on the organizer by getting a friend to keep tabs on the wedding for you or by doing it yourself. A year is a very long time to plan inexpensive weddings so you do not need a planner if you have this much time. Shorter time frames may need the help of a planner but you need to understand that some planners work by commission so they usually recommend those that give them commissions instead of the cheaper ones. By going directly to the source, like for example a florist or caterer, you can save the commission cost they charge you.

Things to keep in mind when you plan inexpensive weddings are getting things locally can be cheaper. Local florists and caterers can be full of great ideas to plan inexpensive weddings. Even the dresses can be had for very cheap prices if you know when and where to look. Keep in mind that many gown companies or stores have sales several times in a year. You can get a $200 gown for as little as $30 if you are patient in looking for sales. If there are no matching gowns for you and your entourage in the sale, you can opt for similarly colored gowns instead.

Creating your very own headpieces from fresh flowers can also come out cheaper compared to buying a jewel tiara or jeweled comb to complement your hairstyle. You can also do the same with the other ladies and girls in the entourage. This can be a fun way of spending your girls’ night before the wedding.

There are many ways to plan inexpensive weddings and these do not mean that you have to look cheap in doing so. Getting simple but classy materials for your gowns, decorations and other materials can be a great plan for saving money for your wedding.