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So You are “Just Married”

Many folks do not choose to have the formal wedding but choose to have a more informal wedding. Many of these same folks would though, want to get the word out that they are married. A nice unique custom photo postcard can make a very nice informal “Just Married” announcement to send out. It is a way to save too, because the postcards are low cost to have made and they are lower in cost to mail out.

Here is a nice example of a recent “Just Married” postcard:

just married postcard front

just married postcard back

Go to this link if you would like to create a Just Married postcard !

How Good Are Fake Ranunculus Wedding Bouquets?

We know artificial flowers have improved by leaps and bounds over the years but how do fake ranunculus wedding bouquets stack up against the competition? Ranunculus (a member of the buttercup family) are only available in winter and spring so many brides to be are opting for fake ranunculus wedding bouquets.

Today the bouquets are made from silk and, although the quality can vary, they can be quite realistic. There are many pros to choosing fake ranunculus wedding bouquets. They are durable and you can prepare them many months in advance.

You have a lasting memento of your special day, you won’t have flowers that may start to wilt or lose their petals and because ranunculus are very seasonal you will save a lot of money out of season when they become very expensive.

The cons to choosing fake ranunculus wedding bouquets are that when ranunculus are in season, the fake bouquets are not going to be much cheaper (for a beautiful looking one).

Also, if you are going to have photos taken close up, the fake ranunculus wedding bouquets can photograph poorly and people will clearly see they are not real. If you do decide to use fake ranunculus wedding bouquets then make sure you use a reputable company that provides high quality replicas, because the last thing you want is to receive a bunch of fake flowers that resemble a child’s toy.

You may want to be innovative and try nestling your favourite fake ranunculus wedding bouquet in with real flowers when real ranunculus are out of season so you still get to have them on your wedding day and people will be less likely to know they are fake.

Remember – the flowers are only a small part of the day so they don’t necessarily need to be real. Flowers can help make your day special or they can cause a lot of stress, so this is why a lot of thought needs to go into your decision on whether to choose real flowers or a fake ranunculus wedding bouquet.

Either way, whatever you decide – fake or real – the most important thing is to enjoy your wedding day and make it a special one you will always remember.

Jack-N-Jill Wedding Favors

Once upon a time men had bachelor parties full of alcohol and scantily clad women, and women had showers where they invited their friends and received gifts. Today times have changed and some of the women and men of this world hold a joint shower and hand out Jack-n-Jill wedding favors.

When arranging a co-ed party like this, it’s always good to remember to have Jack-n-Jill favors for the guests, which are normally a small gift like a box of chocolates or sugar almonds.

Jack-n-Jill favors are a way of giving a keepsake to symbolize the sharing of your special day. A lot of people see them as an extra special something they can cherish about the evening’s festivities.

Favors are also a way of thanking a guest for the wedding present they give you, and in many countries different variations of favors are given as a way of acknowledging the gift received and thanking the person who has given it, or the couple as the case may be with a co-ed Jack-n-Jill party.

A lot of people who hold Jack-n-Jill showers make their favors personalized so guests can remember the evening and everything it was about. You can now get personalized chocolate wrappers, mint tins, cosmetic bags, honey jars and even tea bags if that’s your choice.

It’s always good to think about making your Jack-n-Jill favors work with the theme of your party. For example, it would be strange for a visitor to receive a personalized box of tea bags if your party theme is sexy lingerie.

If you are wishing to spend a little more on your Jack-n-Jill party guests, you can always make a favors box. In the favors box you can put a few little things like sugared almonds, some chocolates, a personalized gift and anything else that you think your guests will appreciate.

Things used to be different with brides being surprised with showers and bachelorette parties, but these days the brides and grooms normally arrange this themselves. If the couple arranges the Jack-n-Jill parties themselves, it means they can make the day as they wish, inviting those they want with them, and offering the favors of their own choice.

Don’t Forget It’s Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day was meant to be the one true day where the world revolves around you – at least that what we grow up thinking, imagining the whole Cinderella ball with our dream dress and Prince Charming.

Unfortunately, what often happens is a bride allows too many cooks in the kitchen and suddenly it’s someone else’s dream coming true and the wedding day dream is dashed.

It’s not your fault. Planning a wedding (even if you have the help of a professional wedding planner) is a daunting task. You have to think of yourself, your guests, your wedding party, the vendors, expenses, and a slew of other things for your wedding day.

You need help – a bride can’t do it all herself and keep her sanity. But sometimes, others will cross the line and almost intimidate you into doing what they want – not what you wanted for your special wedding day.

Maybe it’s a pushy wedding planner talking you out of every decision you had planned for the last 15 years since you were a teenager. Or it might be your own dear mom – shaking her head and frowning when you tell her you want a trendy colorful wedding dress instead of traditional white on your wedding day walk down the aisle.

It can take all of the pleasure out of planning your wedding day when other people disapprove of your plans. But you have to bolster yourself against the frenzy of opinions that will be bombarding you and learn how to do it without getting yourself worked up.

If you wind up with a professional who isn’t allowing you to express your creative dreams, think about finding another one – or have a heart to heart with her and let her know that you appreciate the expertise she brings to the table, but you know what you want on your wedding day and you just need her help carrying it out. She won’t want to lose a client – so when you state it flatly, with a smile on your face – she should step in line.

What often happens, though, is that a family member or friend becomes the overbearing element in your wedding day planning – and you feel awful at the thought of having to put them in their place. You worry that feelings will get hurt or even worse – an argument will ensue – and this is supposed to be the happiest time of your life!

Here’s how to deal with overbearing family members: “Mom, can we talk a minute? You know I respect and value your opinion more than anything in the world. But ever since I was a kid, I’ve had this idea in my head of how exciting it would be to plan my wedding day. I know you’re probably able to spot all of the errors I’m making, so I know it’s frustrating for you when I go my own direction, but I really need your support so we can just have fun doing this without arguing over the details.”

Mom should realize she’s being a damper on your planning process, but if she doesn’t, simply smile at her, kiss her on the cheek, and say, “Well don’t be mad if do this my own way!” and then go on about your business getting everything ready for your wedding day the way you wanted it. If she continues butting in during the planning process, just smile and say, “I appreciate your advice, but I’m going to go with my idea.”

Some people just love to argue. If you encounter someone who won’t let it die and wants to ruin your wedding day plans, then you need to keep away from that person as much as possible while you carry out your dreams. Yes, it’s heart-wrenching, but this is your wedding day – not theirs. Treat yourself right and enjoy picking that red wedding dress or blue bouquet!

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