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Advantages Of Using A Wedding Planning Software

As amazing as it may sound, there is a variety of wedding planning software available in the market today. The wedding planning software specifically caters to couples who wish to have a steady rein in the preparation and planning of their wedding. Most of the wedding planning software in the market today has a bevy of features that can meet and even exceed the demands of the bride and the groom.

Features Of A Wedding Planning Software

Common features among wedding planning software may include a capacity to manage the guest list and the seating arrangements for the reception. These features are valuable in the sense that you can control the guest list by easy access to the names of the prospective guests and those whom you wish to send invitations or announcement to.

Other handy features of the wedding planning software may be the ability to provide printing forms and templates for the invitation envelopes and the feature to manage the wedding budget.  Some of the wedding planning software also provides fonts and templates for invitations cards, rsvp cards, place cards and other stationery printing needs for weddings. All you need to have is a reliable printer in order to be able to do your own printing. Of course, to be hassle free regarding printing needs, you might want to start printing early in order to make revisions in case of mistakes or misprints. 

A to-do-list is one thing that can be a wedding planning software staple feature. This list provides the bride with the necessary meetings and consultations that she might need to do before the wedding. This to do list can have different features which the soon to be married couple is sure to find quite useful. This list can also be modified into a budget list which can help the bride keep to the budget.

A wedding planner guide is usually the first thing that appears when the wedding planning software is delivered to the bride or groom's computer. This guide on how to use the wedding planning software can help the bride get used to the software as well as explore the many varied features that the different software may have. Tutorials or easy to understand explanations are the usual things one sees as one initially opens the wedding planning software.

Using a very capable and efficient wedding planning software can help in planning a hassle free wedding with reduced glitches and mishaps.

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New Ideas For Candy Wedding Favor

Wedding favors become more and more unique and sometimes common every year. The idea of a wedding favor started as a thank you for the guests at the wedding. There are so many different things that can be used as a wedding favor and candies are just one of them. A candy wedding favor can be done in different ways.

Kind Of Candy Wedding Favor

Ideally a candy wedding favor should have wrappers to be seen as hygienic. Depending on what kind of candy the bride and groom has deemed suitable for their guests, the container should also be considered well. The kind of candy wedding favor will be dependent on its size and wrapping. Most soon to be married couples prefer candies that are individually wrapped and will place these in a container. Individually wrapped candy wedding favors are seen as clean and will not stick to the container when the temperature gets too hot.

Another advantage of having individually wrapped candy wedding favors is that these can be taken in and out of the container without fear or getting these dirty or contaminating these with germs or bacteria, for the convenience of packing them. There are some candies that coat chocolates while others are hard candies. The preferences of the bride and groom will prevail in choosing their candy wedding favor.

The Candy Wedding Favor Box Container

The container for a candy wedding favor varies from fabric pouches or bags to a wedding candy favor box. The pouches or bags are usually gauzy or see through and one can see the candy wedding favor inside them. Netting is also one of the more common containers for the candies that are supposed o be the party favors for the wedding. Other materials are gauze, organza and chiffon. Ribbons usually tie up the pouch or bag and these are also coordinated with the theme or color scheme of the wedding.

Boxes are also ideal for a container of the candy wedding favor. Some boxes have windows on the lids which make them more costly but also ideal for party favors like candies or chocolates. The boxes, especially the traditional box and lid ones, are usually tied with a ribbon. The tags are attached to the ribbon as well.

A candy wedding favor is something that is totally unexpected – like a lotto ticket supporting the Red Cross – due to how common candies are. Guest will appreciate the sugar fix these provide and the couple will appreciate the lesser cost.



A wedding collection forms a very essential part of any wedding. It includes the bride’s wedding gown, the groom’s suit, the couple’s parent’s dresses, the bridesmaids’ gowns, and the best men suits. Undoubtedly, the bride’s gown is the most vital of all. For the bride, her wedding gown is something she dreams about right from her youth, and on her big day, this must be absolutely perfect, making the wedding collections even more crucial.

Wedding collections are available at many leading designers, and there are even some stores that specialize in wedding collections only. Picking the perfect wedding dress is an ultimate dream, trying to get the perfect colours, the perfect fit, and something that makes you look like the bride of your dreams. However, choosing the gown can be very tedious as well, because most of the time you need to visit a store where they show you their entire wedding collection, and you probably end up trying on a million gowns, and not knowing what is it exactly you want.

Wedding collections are made in different styles, textures, materials and colours. Wedding gowns can be made of satin, Mikado, chiffon, batiste, brocade, crepe, gabardine, moiré, organdie, duchesse satin, taffeta, tulle, or velvet. However, the most popular among bride’s has been either satin or Mikado, due to its sheen like finish and classy look. A wedding gown colour also differs in different collections, but the most obvious choice is the white gown, though ivory and a champagne colour are also used sometimes.

The wedding collections offered by most designers are made to impress, with different styles, some unique, some conservative, some bold. The most fashionable design that seems to be the craze nowadays is a strapless sweetheart-style ivory gown, with beading work, and a complete ruched ballgownish skirt. This comes in mostly satin or the Mikado fabrics. The standard costs of these would be between £1000 – £2000.



A wedding day is a very important event in the lives of the bride and groom and of course for their parents. It comes once in a lifetime, and this day is cherished forever after. Therefore, planning a wedding is a very enormous task, and should be done very carefully if the special day is to be perfect. Patience, creativity, and a decisive mind will make planning the wedding a very easy task.

The first and foremost thing to do while planning a wedding is to set up a budget, taking into account everything that will be required. Also, the wedding size should be estimated, if you want a large wedding or a small simple ceremony. After setting the date and time, a guest list has to be formatted. A wedding planner may also be brought in to ensure the smooth functioning of the entire event. Then the caterers, musicians, florists, artists, designers, etc must be chosen, and given their specific instructions as to how the wedding should be arranged.

Wedding rings must be chosen well in advance, invitations must be sent out, and the caterers must be briefed about the menu. A major part of planning a wedding involves travelling to different places, like the dressmakers for fittings on your wedding dress and suit, the beautician, to the venue itself to check if the decorations and arrangements are coming along well. And the final stage in planning a wedding is payment; you need to pay all those agencies and people that you hire for taking care of different parts of the wedding.

Planning a wedding can be a very exciting task, but is also most of the time very tedious. Being planned well in advance is very important as it saves time lost in panicking. A last advice while planning a wedding is to always have a check-list, and ensure you follow it to the dot.

Wedding Planners Are At Your Service On The Big Day

Weddings are almost always complicated affairs, full of major decisions and tiny details.  When it comes time for the big day, the bride and groom can’t afford to be bothered with such information—they are, after all, the stars of the show.Even prior to the wedding, these decisions and details can be very overwhelming.  This is why now, more and more, brides and grooms are coming to rely on the services of wedding planners.  Wedding planners provide a wide variety of services to engaged couples that allow them to relax, both before, during, and after the wedding.

Locating The Location

One service the wedding planner can provide to a couple getting married is selecting and booking a location.  Many couples have little or no idea what is available to them, or what features they are even looking for.A wedding planner can help to determine what type of venue is ideal for the couple, what relevant options are available, and finally which location to book.  Without the services of a wedding planner, this process would be more stressful and time consuming.

Choosing Companies

With one big decision out of the way (the location), that does not by any means leave a shortage of decisions to be made.  From the food, to the cake, to the dress, to the band, to the reception, to the flowers, there are plenty of small details that wedding planners manage.  Wedding planners are able to provide this service because of two reasons.  First, they have numerous contacts for each service.  This allows them to present you with several choices, rather than you searching for options.

The other reason wedding planners are so professional is due to their experience.  When learning how to become a wedding planner, a specific wedding timeline is learned. This timeline has been developed after several years of planning weddings, and it allows wedding planners to request and order wedding services in a timely manner.

A Soothing Say-So

Wedding planners provide a very important service: reassurance.  For someone who has never been married or planned a wedding before, working with all of the details can be quite difficult and even scary.  A wedding planner with experience has the ability to calm and comfort an anxious bride or groom.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

A wedding is a happy event, and the bride and groom are supposed to be the happiest couple in the room.  With the services of a wedding planner, the happy couple is sure to have a stress-free wedding.

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