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Finding Great Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses

If you’re looking for some plus size mother of the bride dresses, no doubt you want to find something that is beautiful and classy and that flatters your figure, whatever your size. Being the mother of the bride is no time to feel frumpy or dowdy or uncomfortable in any way. But today, you’re in luck. Many more department stores and bridal specialty stores are carrying plus size mother of the bride dresses, and they are paying as much attention to these dresses as they are all their other fashions and styles. But before you actually shop, let’s take a look at some things you will need to remember when choosing the right dress for you.

Your Body Type and Shape

Regardless of what size you are, you have some very positive features about you. The key is knowing what they are so you can play up those while downplaying whatever figure flaws you think you have.

For example, you may be looking for plus size mother of the bride dresses because you’re no longer the skinny peanut you once were, but you still have very shapely legs. Maybe your figure has very pleasing proportions. The trick is to play up those positive aspects of your figure. If you have long legs, you can opt for a long skirt with a modest slit. If you have good proportions, you can choose some plus size mother of the bride dresses that simply flatter you all over, without having to emphasize any one feature.

Of course, knowing your body type and shape means also being honest and realistic about what your figure is. Thinking that you can wear a size smaller than you really are or opting for sleeveless designs may not be the best thing for you. Sometimes women make the mistake of picking out plus size mother of the bride dresses that they think looks good on a hangar or in a magazine, without worrying about how they actually look when worn. You may want to instead opt for covering up some things rather than thinking you can still show off some things.

Shape of the Dresses and Silhouettes

There are some plus size mother of the bride dresses that have obviously been designed without anyone even really thinking of what plus size women want in clothing. Most prefer silhouettes and dress shapes that are going to make them look slimmer, not big and billowy skirts that just make them look bigger. This is another reason why it’s important to try on any plus size mother of the bride dresses that you’re looking at. The cut and the shape may just hit your figure in all the wrong places. Another woman that is taller than you or shorter than you or just built differently make look great in one of these cuts and shapes, but you need something that is right for your figure, not theirs.

Where to Shop

Obviously you want to keep in mind the bride’s preferences when it comes to color and even the length of the dress, but remember that you can find perfectly appropriate plus size mother of the bride dresses at places that don’t necessarily specialize in bridal wear. Your favorite boutique or retailer may have just the perfect cocktail dress or fancy suit that would work well; remember that you can dress up these outfits with a beautiful shawl or wrap. If you know how to sew or know someone that does, you can add a line of beads or crystals to the hem of a skirt or add a nice trim to a jacket or bodice.

The real key to shopping for plus size mother of the bride dresses is to start shopping early and to be sure to try on any of your choices. If you do this you’re sure to find just the right dress for you.

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Your “Special Day” Budget For Your Do It Yourself Wedding

There are a number of ways you can save on your wedding day with do-it-yourself ideas. Wedding planning can be stressful and expensive. The more hands-on you are in your event, the better. A bride who is looking for that perfect and memorable day can start by rolling-up her sleeves. Save on wedding plans with a do-it-yourself mentality.

Do it yourself, and you can create a wedding that you have always dreamed of. You don’t have to settle for what is available from wedding stores or planners; instead, make your wedding one-of-a-kind. Your style will shine through the work you have done at home.

Find aspects of the reception that aren’t high priority for you and your groom, and move your budgeted money into areas you find more important. If you have always wanted a huge four-tiered cake, but never cared much about invitations: Do-it-yourself! Create the invitations on your personal computer with specialty paper from the craft store. Take this idea a step further by matching the paper to your name tags, guest book sign, and guest list. Little personal touches can not only save money, but show your personal style.

Don’t let a long to-do list stress you out. Do-it-yourself wedding planning is a perfect opportunity to call on all those bridesmaids and relatives. Host a small party at home for your bridesmaids. Pull out some food and drinks for your guests, and together they can help stuff envelopes or vote on reception songs. Not only will your wedding party help everyone get to know one another better before the big day, but you’re putting them to work. Time with your closest girlfriends will relieve stress, and it’s a great way to get some feedback on any planning ideas you need help with.

There are a number of great ways to save on wedding planning, through do-it-yourself ideas, friends, and family.

Ways to Create a Keepsake of Your Wedding Invitation

As a record of important details from your special day, your wedding invitation is uniquely a one-of-a-kind remembrance.  Ordering a few extra invitations is highly suggested so you can save them as wedding souvenirs but then they will more than likely be stored away in your wedding album. 

Why not create a memento of your wedding invitation that is more permanent and can be easily displayed in your home as a special remembrance.  Especially since all the formal details of your wedding day appear within your invitation text – date, time of ceremony, time of dinner/reception, name and address of ceremony location, name and address of dinner/reception locale – as well as maybe a special verse or quote chosen by you and your fiancé.  The invitation design itself may also be symbolic of the colors or theme of your wedding.

Having your invitation wording permanently imprinted on a keepsake item is a wonderful way to uniquely commemorate your wedding day.  Here are some suggested items that can be engraved with your wedding invitation verse:

·  Photo Album – A great way to personalize a wedding album is to have your invitation wording elegantly engraved on the front cover.  This way every time you look through your cherished wedding pictures you will be able to see your invitation verse too.

·  Wedding Invitation Frame – Create a lasting souvenir by using a beautiful glass frame to showcase your favorite wedding photo as well as feature your delicately etched invitation verse.              

·  Glass Block – A simple, but elegant, glass or lucite sculpture piece can be engraved with your wedding invitation text creating an exquisite symbol of your special day.

·  Commemorative Plate – Easily hung on a wall or placed on an easel for table-top display, a decorative plate engraved or etched with your invitation verse will make a wonderful memento for years to come.

With all of your planning and preparations, creating a wedding invitation keepsake may not be a high priority before your wedding, but this is easily something you can have designed later since you may even receive one of these personalized items as a wedding gift. 

Your wedding is without a doubt one of the most important days of your life so give some thought to creating a lasting souvenir of your wedding invitations to preserve all the details of your special day.  As the years go by, you will undoubtedly be glad you did.

Wedding Flower Bouquet Designs

The bridal bouquet is one of the more important flower arrangements in a wedding. The wedding flower bouquet design should complement the bride’s dress and not clash with it. Many people believe that a simple wedding dress warrants a lavish wedding flower bouquet while an ornate wedding dress should have a simple bouquet. Most people want perfect match of both ornate and lavish designs of the dress and the wedding flower bouquet so the bride attracts one and all. Contemporary wedding flower bouquets are the most recent addition to bouquets and these are random designs that can be of any shape and flower.

Cascade Wedding Flower Bouquet

This wedding flower bouquet design has been around for centuries. Its quite outdated and are not considered popular these days. This design consists of a rounded bunch of flowers at the hand of the bride with a cascade of similar flowers and leaves falling off the main bunch. The trail that falls off the main bouquet of blooms may be made up of trailing ribbons, smaller blooms of the original flowers at the top and other foliage that are similar to ivy. This kind of wedding flower bouquet design can actually help to make a bride look slimmer and taller. This design is suitable for a formal wedding which is usually held indoors or in a church.

Round Bouquet

This wedding flower bouquet design consists of a bunch of flower created to look like a ball. A wedding bouquet consists of a similar flowers that are tightly packed. Roses and tulips are great for this wedding flower bouquet design. There may be additions of complementing flowers but these are usually kept to a minimum as well as foliage which are used to fill out the bouquet. This kind of wedding flower bouquet may not be so complimentary on brides with rounded body features since the roundness of the bouquet may also emphasize the rounded hips of the bride as well as her other rounded features.

The Posy

The posy wedding flower bouquet design is probably the closest to informal that a wedding bouquet can get. This is a hand tied bouquet that has the look of the flowers being just picked from the garden and then put together. The wedding flower bouquet may look disorganized and random but florists who make these are sure to have a certain style in mind when making them. Different types of flowers can be used for this bouquet and fillers and foliage an also be abundant.

Wedding Reception Ideas to Plan With

When starting your wedding plans, first brainstorm for reception ideas. There are many reception ideas found in magazines or on the Internet. Start by pulling pages out of magazines or printing up ideas off the web, then use these ideas to create a visual display so friends and family can help you start to shop.

The reception proves to be the biggest bill on your wedding day. Due to its many elements, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. A key to staying organized is listing the things you wish to have in your reception and budgeting how much you would like to spend on each. Create a chart and go over it with your groom or parents.

The big commitment is choosing a reception location. Once you find the spot, you’re locked into that date. The rest of the wedding plans will begin to sort out now that you have a firm deadline. Other reception expenses include food, drinks, music, decorations, centerpieces, flowers, favors, and the cake. This is where your pages of ideas will come in handy. When meeting with the florist or the baker, show them the pictures that you like. This is gives everyone a concrete idea of what you want for your reception.

Planning a wedding can be frustrating and stressful. Shop around online and ask friends for recommendations before signing any contracts or making any down payments. Look for reception ideas that you can do yourself. Some florists charge over $100 for each centerpiece arrangement, so centerpieces and favors that you can craft at home will save a lot of money. Pull ideas from your wedding theme to create an inexpensive and elegant centerpiece, like seashells and crystals for a beachside wedding.

Remember, your wedding is a big day for your whole family and your groom. No matter how perfect you plan everything, there is a guarantee that a few small things will go wrong. Take the hiccups in stride and don’t let them ruin your day. Your guests are there to celebrate you and your groom, everything else will fall into place.

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