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Seal and Send Wedding Invitations – Unique and Affordable

If you are looking for unique and affordable, seal and send wedding invitations may be your choice. Their all-in-one design has some very appealing features and benefits that make it economical, eco-friendly, convenient and time-saving. What more can you ask for in a wedding invitation design.

Here are some attributes of seal and send wedding invitations:

  • All ensemble items can be included in one simple invitation piece.
  • Pre-marked folding lines make it easy to fold seal n send invitations into their own self-mailing pieces and then they are fastened by seals eliminating mailing envelopes. This saves time by not having to stuff and address both inner and outer envelopes.
  • The response card is attached at the bottom of the invite with a perforation for easy removal and return by guests. Being a postcard, no return envelope is required and the return postage is at the postcard rate which is less than regular first class.
  • Both the printed return address when mailing the invitations and the return response postcard mailing address are typically included in the price.

There are many beautiful designs of seal and send wedding invitations from classic to contemporary. There is now even a wider style that has a smaller sized reception card attached at the bottom by perforations along with the response postcard.

The seal and send style can also be your choice for other events for which you will need to collect RSVPs to have accurate seating and food arrangements. This design could be used for rehearsal dinners, post-wedding receptions, or anniversary celebrations as well as wedding invitations.

Being true to their name, seal n send invitations are all-in-one invites that are easy to fold, seal and send to your wedding guests.

Personalized Bridesmaid Gift: Saying it From the Heart

Are you getting married?  Do you have some great friends that have helped you out a lot and you want to say thank you in a very personal way?  There is nothing better than personalized bridesmaid gifts, and not just personalized by some stranger for you, but really personalized.There are some easy things that a bride can do that will let a friend know how much her support is appreciated and how much her frienship means to you. 

A great idea for bridesmaid gifts is to make your friend something.  Do you sew?  If so, create something special for your friend and pin a note to it telling her how much her help and support has meant to you.This could be something without much cost but it will be more likely to be remembered than some small common item or would ever be. 

Another great personalized bridesmaid gift is to write your friend a poem.  Sound too simple?  It’s really easy, just put all of your thoughts onto paper, print it out beautifully on regular paper or have it printed for you, find a frame you like, wrap the frame, and give it to your friend!  It really is that simple and it will bring tears to her eyes when she sees it!Everyone would like a gift like this but it’s not something that they would ever ask for. 

Do you make jewelry?Then, use your skill to make a piece of jewelry that she will always remember.  You can make her something that she could wear to the wedding or something that she can wear with her favorite outfit.  These are the type of bridesmaid jewelry gifts that she will not expect but she will really love and she will appreciate well into the future.  When she sees that you took the time to make something specifically for her she will love it, no questions asked! 

As you can see, personalized bridesmaid gifts don’t need to be something that you buy; in fact a truly personal gift may not be something that is purchased at all but comes directly from the heart.No one else can pick out the kind of gift that you should choose to give,still; it pays to know that it is important to know that it is not necessary to spend an extravagant amount of money or take significant amounts of time but the most important thing is that it comes from the heart.

Helping You Search For Your Bridesmaid Dresses

bridesmaid dresses

Have you ever been to a wedding where the bride was indeed stunning, but there was just something off? That may have very well been the fact that the bridesmaid dresses were not exactly flattering and the discomfort showed on the faces of the girls wearing them. When shopping for the bridesmaid formal gown design, keep in mind that this is big expense for your maids and ask yourself if you would ever even consider wearing the dress that you are considering for them. If not, then you may want to keep looking.

Of course, most brides will say something like, “It is my wedding and I should make these decisions based on what I want.” Yes, that is true, however sometimes these dresses are picked because the bride does not want to be outdone or over-shadowed by the formal dresses her attendants will be wearing. When in reality if she wants her wedding to be as close to perfect as possible that means everyone needs to look good, including the bridesmaids. Additionally, if you are having a flower girl, then you should have fun deciding from the many adorable flower girl dresses available.

While it may not be possible to make everyone happy it doesn’t hurt to try to come as close as possible. Try to consider your friends’ complexions and sizes when deciding on the bridesmaid dresses, as pastels are usually a fair choice as it goes with most skin tones. Unless you want lots of frowns and snickers try to stay away from overdoing the embellishments, such as bows and ruffles, especially if you are looking at plus size dresses.

You also want to take the season and weather into consideration for the bridesmaids formal dresses. Nothing is worse than having the entire wedding party look drained and wilted because the long sleeve Victorian style dresses nearly suffocates them during an outside wedding. Likewise, you don’t want short sleeve sheath styles when it is snowing outside.

Ok, you have personally searched every store within 100 miles and scoured the internet looking for a dress style that will try to please everyone, but so far there is nothing that everyone agrees on. Some of the girls love the short and fun cocktail dresses but you want your maids dressed in long, formal dresses. Since it is not written in stone that all bridesmaid dresses must be exactly the same, you may want to consider allowing a little variation in the styles of the dresses. If they all have the same color then it will still bring your theme together and everyone will be a little happier, reducing the stress on you.

Centerpieces for Weddings Ideas

In any wedding reception party, wedding centerpieces play a very important role in determining the mood of the party and it is also a reflection of the taste of the couple. Before you move to a final plan for centerpieces for weddings, you must consider the theme of the wedding and also your budget. You can also consult a florist or a wedding planner to get some innovative ideas. But the idea you choose needs to go with the theme of the wedding. But you should not worry if you have a limited budget. There are really many cheap ideas available which can really make excellent centerpieces for your weddings. In addition, you must also consider what type of surroundings you are looking for and also what size of tables you are going to use in the reception.

Depending on your budget and theme you can have a lot of ideas for centerpieces in wedding reception. You can decorate it with flowers. Though many flowers are available in the market, before choosing a flower you must see that it is available in that season and it suits your budget. There are many inexpensive flowers available in the market that may suit your budget and also the theme of the wedding.

You can also make the centerpieces with fruits. You can decorate them with colorful fruits that may look great. If you can add fruits like citrus, it has got a beautiful smell and your guests will really feel charmed. The fruits can be kept as a whole or they can be cut and decorated in pieces, whatever you want. The proper color combination of the fruits may present a very elegant atmosphere to the wedding.

You can also decorate the tables with vegetables in the same manner. You can make different designs using the vegetables and create many wonderful centerpieces for your wedding. This is really an inexpensive idea, but at the same time, will add beauty to your guest tables. For this purpose, you can choose asparagus, artichoke or even green beans.

Using candles is another wonderful idea of decorating the centerpieces of weddings. Candle is such a beautiful option that it goes along with any budget or any taste. It helps to create a very romantic atmosphere, if the wedding takes place in the evening. If the wedding hall is dimly lit and if you can add some flowers to the decoration, then using candles as centerpieces for weddings will have a long lasting impact on your guests.

But you can make great centerpieces if you are planning to get married in fall. The weather is cool and you can get a lot of beautiful flowers at that time. If you are planning a beach side reception party, the centerpiece colors have to be bright and vibrant. It is wise to use sunflowers as the focus flower and can have some carnations and golden rod to add more colors. If it is a Mexican theme reception food, you can add some peppers that may go well with the centerpiece design.

Why a Destination Wedding is Worth the Trip

It seems destination weddings are the trendy way to go nowadays. A destination wedding is a wedding held in a vacation location away from where you live. Some couples choose this type of wedding because it is adventurous and can save money in the process.

There are no set requirements for a destination wedding. It can involve just the happy couple and a few close friends and family or if can be a huge affair. The choice is up to you and your budget. There are a lot of resorts who are working at making destination weddings that are less stressful and easy for the bride and groom. Many resorts at top vacation spots offer package deals that include an onsite wedding consultant who will help with the wedding essentials, such as the marriage license, and the wedding cake.

You can invite just your closest friends and family members to join you in an intimate ceremony in a beautiful location. You don’t have the stress of planning a large wedding or figuring out who to invite and who not to invite. A smaller guest list mean spending more time with the ones you love at your destination wedding.

Another reason to plan a destination wedding is it will save you money by not having to have a formal affair with 200 guests. The etiquette for destination weddings says the bride and groom should pay for the guest’s accommodations and food. The guests are on their own for airfare. This amount will be less than it would cost for a huge reception.

You can also check into finding out how you can get discounted rates for booking multiple rooms. Group rates for airfate can also help in reducing costs. You can plan ahead and set up an itinerary of what you and your guests can do for activities such as, snorkeling, sightseeing or beach volleyball. These types of things can be planned ahead of time.

One thing to remember is that you will have to find out what the requirements are for obtaining a marriage license at the location you choose. Sometimes there are restrictions and you and the groom might have to plan to arrive a few days earlier to fill out the paperwork and establish residency.

By having a destination wedding you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself more. Since the wedding and the honeymoon are in the same place you don’t have to rush from place to place. You get to let someone else handle all the small details for you instead of having to run from place to place to get flowers and items for the reception.

Another plus to having a destination wedding is that you get to combine your wedding and honeymoon so you can afford to go to your dream honeymoon location, such as, Hawaii or the Caribbean. You will be able to have the wedding and honeymoon of your dreams.

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