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Beach Wedding Themes

Themes for a Wedding Reception

Traditional Theme: Traditional themes are not to be confused with formal themes. By traditional theme, I mean a theme that is symbolic of your folk, culture and nationality. For example, if you are of Italian origin whereas your partner is a pure Texan, you could have a theme that incorporates the wedding traditions, cultures and customs of both the places.

All-Black Theme: Another favorite of many, an all-black theme has class written all over it. It is an all-time favorite with the celebs and it gives a sleek, shiny look to the entire wedding proceedings. Let’s face it, nothing can match the style of a black tailored tux and the legendary little black dress!

Formal Theme: One of the most popular wedding reception themes, a formal theme gives the occasion a traditional, no-nonsense touch. If you are someone who is not typically flamboyant or who doesn’t like to experiment much, then this is the safest and best option for you.

All-White Theme: White is a color that depicts purity and, therefore, is the natural choice of many at their weddings. An all-white themed wedding reception looks simple as well as suave, and it adds immense charm to the special occasion that a wedding is.

Hollywood Theme: Are you and your better half both movie buffs? If yes, then a Hollywood theme could be just about the perfect one for your wedding. You could dress up as your favorite Hollywood celebrity and ask the guests to follow suit. Plus, if you can manage to pull a few strings and get a Hollywood celebrity to actually make a guest appearance at your wedding, that would really be the icing on the cake, wouldn’t it?

Beach Theme: If you want to be innovative, try having a beach theme. Beach wedding reception themes are fast becoming a rage and they can be great fun as well. Make it even more enjoyable and entertaining by giving it a Hawaiian touch.

Musical Theme: Music lovers? You could opt for a melodious marriage and a lovely musical wedding reception. Along with the regular wedding music, make a CD of your and your spouse’s favorite love songs and have it played in the background after the ceremony. Have the band play your partner’s favorite love ballad when you take the floor for your first dance as a wedded couple. Once again, if you can somehow rope in your favorite singer to make a special musical appearance, there would be nothing like it, would there?

Rent a Tent: Remember that lovely movie ‘Father of the Bride’? You could have a lovely wedding reception right in your home itself. Decorating your backyard with a beautiful white tent will give a nice cozy and homely touch to your wedding reception.

Fairytale Fantasy Theme: If you have forever dreamed of being a beautiful princess locked far away in a tall tower, who is rescued by a handsome prince in shining black armor, then you should really consider going for a fantasy theme for your wedding reception. Think about it, you could literally have a fairytale wedding!

Flower Theme: You can either consider this as a separate theme in itself, or you can combine it with any of the above-mentioned themes. Each flower symbolizes a particular quality or a behavioral aspect. Think about which ones would complement both of you as a couple and then go about deciding upon the wedding flower decor accordingly.

Outdoor Weddings: Be Prepared

Few days in your life will be as special as your wedding day. People spend months, and sometimes years, planning for what they hope will be the perfect wedding. Some women start dreaming about what that day will be like when they are little girls. Everyone wants their wedding to be special and stand out from the rest. One way to do this is by planning an outdoor wedding. This article will provide you with some interesting ideas to get you started.


Your choice will, at least in part, be based on the location you live in. Some geographical locations lend themselves to certain types of outdoor weddings over others. For example, if you live near the beach, you would probably lean toward a beach style wedding. Basically, take into consideration what type of outdoor wedding would naturally fit into the surroundings you have to work with.

There are many different theme based outdoor wedding ideas. Basically, you’re only limited by your imagination. If there is a historical location in your area, this is a great location to plan a wedding theme around. Rustic, old barns are great for a western style wedding, if that’s your thing. The most important thing is to match the idea with the location and your personal preferences. If you or a family member have the space, you may just want to turn the backyard into the wedding of your dreams.

Other Considerations

There are many other things to consider when choosing a location for your outdoor wedding. You may have found a beautiful place for the ceremony, but there are some practical consideration as well. All great outdoor wedding ideas are born of great planning. Here are some other things you may want to think about.

Obviously, the weather is going to play one of the most important roles in your outdoor wedding. If you do not have a plan in place to deal with unexpected weather changes, this could turn out to be one of the worst days of your life. If you can afford it, try to reserve an indoor venue just in case the weather does not cooperate. If not, there is a wide variety of weatherproof tents that can provide you and your guests with protection from the elements.

Also, make sure that caterers, photographers, and anyone else involved is prepared for outdoor conditions. Food should not be allowed to sit in the sun for an extended period of time. Anyone who is taking pictures and videos of the event should have experience with outdoor work as well.

Obviously, you’ll also want to make sure the location can accommodate all of the guests comfortably. Some outdoor wedding ideas have failed because there wasn’t enough room for everyone. Also, make sure the location is secluded enough to avoid unwanted background noise, such as traffic and barking dogs. All of these things will take attention away from the ceremony. Finally, make sure all of your guests are advised to make any necessary changes should unforeseen weather issues come up.

With careful planning and consideration, your outdoor wedding can be a beautiful event that everyone will remember for years to come.

You can read more about outdoor wedding ideas and wedding planning on Brenda’s blog.

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Wedding Shower Ideas For The Ladies

Bridal Shower Favours

Wonderful wedding shower ideas make everyone feel excited about the upcoming marriage. Friends, family and co-workers celebrate the bride in a special way with memorable wedding shower ideas.

Usually, it is up to either one of the future bride’s family members, or the maid of honor, or even one of the bridesmaids to host the party and inform the guests when the party is, where it is going to be, and what sort of party it is going to be. The guests need to know if it is going to be just a regular bridal shower party, or a themed bridal shower party because they need to know what sort of gifts they should bring.

You can get wedding shower ideas from reading magazines, talking to other brides and checking out online resources such as retailers and forums. Most of the time, the bridal party creates a wedding shower for the bride. Family members and co-workers may also decide to have a wedding shower. At the wedding shower, the bride receives gifts to use in her new marital home. Popular presents at bridal showers include blenders, china, toasters, glassware and bedding.

Once you have a good idea of your wedding theme, that is the time to pull it all together and plan your decorations.  There are many bridal supplies that can be used for a bridal shower.  Usually there are table decorations, candles, balloons, and streamers to create a festive look. 

Many brides register with online retailers and local stores so their guests know what to buy for their shower and wedding. By perusing the online registry, guest immediately know what the couple wants, which presents were already purchased and the prices of the items left on the list. Once the bride create a registry list for her guests, everybody is ready to consider the best wedding shower ideas.

Certain traditions are part of all shower ideas. At most bridal showers, there is a large punch bowl filled with fruity champagne punch. Often the punch bowl works like a fountain to add a touch of drama to the room. A special chair and areas is designed for the bride-to-be. Sometimes there is a wishing well where guests place small tokens for the bride, such as dishcloths and melon ballers. All the bridal shower gifts are placed in this area to the bride-to-be can open them in front of her anticipating guests. After she opens the gifts, a hat is created with all the bows from the presents’ wrapping. Bring along a plain baseball cap or straw hat to use for this whimsical tradition.

Much like a wedding, all the guests expect wedding shower ideas to include fabulous favors to remember the day. You can place wedding shower favours in decorative packages next to each place setting. Sometimes wedding shower favors are displayed on their own table so guests can take one on the way out of the party. Either way, thoughtful wedding shower favors make your guests anticipate your big day even more.

If bridal shower guests appreciate a great manicure and pedicure, give out wedding shower favors they can really use. For a summer bridal shower, polka pink flip flop five piece pedicure sets with matching tags are a fun-loving favor. Include queen for a day soft foam toe separators for a professional pedicure at home. Any season is more special when you give your wedding shower guests cosmopolitan monogrammed five piece manicure sets to remember your day.

Bridal shower favors with a fashionable theme will be a lasting memory of your diva day.

Winter Wedding Favors For The Winter Bride

Winter Wedding Theme

Christmas time is a very popular time for couples to announce their engagement. Family and friends are gathering to celebrate the Christmas season, and this is a perfect time to let them all know the happy news that you are getting married.

With many family and friends living in different geographical locations, times like Christmas sees everyone ‘coming home’ for Christmas. For this reason, the Christmas season is also a popular time to celebrate a wedding.

When looking for the best Christmas wedding favours, there are many beautiful choices for the bride to consider. One very elegant choice is the Crystal Snowflake Glass Coaster set. These beautiful coasters make winter weddings especially elegant as there are four substantial glass coasters frosted with delicate snowflakes.

A great choice when choosing your Christmas wedding favours is the Elegant Snowflake Design Wine Bottle Stopper. These decorative and useful mementos are the perfect memento for your guests to take home. Each of these unique favours features a chrome stopper base wrapped with a black rubber gasket with a detailed three dimensional chrome snowflake perched at the top. Each wine bottle stopper comes individually packaged in a deluxe box with a clear top and a black, snow-flake decorated bottom, tied with a white organza bow with an attached snowflake design thank you tag.

The Flower of Love in Romantic Red Collection of guest book, ring pillow, designer pen base, bridal garter, cake serving set, cake topper, unity candle and toasting set is very stunning. This striking collection features romantic parchment roses with a musical backdrop. In combination with the pure silk douppione shantung fabric and natural mulberry paper, this beautiful ensemble is the picture of romance. The white and red colour scheme is pure winter colours—dramatic and romantic at the same time. With black accents this colour scheme is formal and traditional at the same time, and any wedding favour in these three colours would be appropriate.

The stunning “snow flurry’ flocked glass ornament place card holder/photo holder set provides a lovely motif for gifts of the season. It is a snow-lover’s delight inside and out, making it the perfect favour for your winter wedding. The outside of the clear, snow-globe ornament is adorned with white, flocked snowflakes, and inside is ‘drifting’ snow. It comes with place card holders for your wedding reception seating plan, and your guests can later use this as a Christmas tree ornament or a photo holder on their fireplace mantle. Either way, this beautiful gift is versatile and an elegant reminder of your wedding.

Christmas wedding favours are a lovely way to thank your guests for sharing your seasonal wedding day with you. They are a keepsake that uniquely expresses your personal style and taste, and they will trigger a memory each time they see your Christmas party favor in their home.


Things that make a good wedding photographer

One thing most people forget to seek out for the wedding is a good wedding photographer.Most of the time people in general think all photographers are created equal.Or the very least they try to act like they are.But they really aren’t.  A wedding is a special day.So for that reason you should seek out a great photographer.A person who has the ability to capture that moment in history memorably.  You don’t want someone to just point and click.So here are a few qualities that make a great photographer.

First thing you want to seek out is a photographer who is an artist as well.Because if you are able to locate a person like that, they will be able to make the pictures memorable. How you find that is by reviewing their portfolio.  I let all my clients of my wedding photographer San Diego business look at my portfolio.So that they are able to see for themselves the style of shots I take.But also being able to put it all together.You will be able to tell they have an artisitc side by their work.

Another thing you want is someone with a good personality. In photography it isn’t just the technical aspects of it.  A photographer with a good personality is needed to interact with the crowd.  As a San Diego photographer who has done a lot of weddings it makes a difference.  Someone who charms the crowd can get great shots out of them.Don’t forget that the guests are people who make up a lot of the great memories as well.

The last thing you would want is a person who is a great portrait photographer as well.In addition you want a person who also has experience as an event photographer.  This is important for the wedding party pictures.  Doing San Diego event photography that has to be one of the photographer’s strengths.For the fact of the matter is that these shots are important as well.

So those are 3 good qualites that most good photographers have.If you actively seek those qualities in a photographer you are going to love how your pictures turn out. Keep in mind the shots you take are going to be forever.

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