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Knowing More Terms for Unique Wedding Invitations

Learning terminology related to paper, design, size, color and printing will no doubt be part of wedding invitation shopping experience. Who knew there was so much to know beyond the wording and what enclosure pieces to include.

Here are the details for just some of the terms you may come across:

  • Invitation Card – Simply a flat card with no folds and the verse printed on the front.
  • Embossing – Creating a raised design by using a printing method that presses an image into the paper. Colored ink can then highlight the design. If no ink is used on the raised design, it is referred to as blind embossing. Debossing is created by actually indenting the design into the paper.
  • Foil Stamping – The special technique of hot stamping metallic colored foil onto paper.
  • Deckle Edge – A unique, feathery edge on a piece of paper commonly seen on parchment wedding invitations.
  • Ecru – A familiar invitation paper color that is a warm creamy beige shade.
  • Pearlize – The addition of a shimmering pearl-like finish usually to an embossed design area of the invitation.
  • Filigree – Lacelike decorative pattern that can appear as part of a wedding invitation design.
  • Tea Length – A style of invitation that is either horizontal or vertical and is typically 9 ¼” x 4″ in size.
  • Translucent – A term that is used to describe paper that is somewhat see-through and is often times used in layered invitation designs.
  • Vellum – Common type of paper with a rich, smooth finish.
  • Linen – Another type of paper featuring a cross weave texture.

As the saying goes, the more you know the better, especially when it comes to unique wedding invitations. Knowing what these terms mean is one thing, but even better might be seeing actual samples to know which ones you may want included in your wedding invitation design.

Searching for Those Unique Wedding Favors That Say Something About You

We have all been to marriages and gotten the common wedding favors: the candied almonds, the candles, the picture frames.  And while they were all very nice, you’ve got the opportunity to use your wedding favor as a method to say something about yourselves as a couple with a novel wedding favor which will always remind your visitors of you. 

To decide what kind of unique wedding favors you’re going to pick, you need to take a look at what you want it to say about you as a couple.  What type of interests do you have?  Are you an outdoorsy couple who is always going on a hike?  Or are you a coffee connoisseur who can’t go without their premium blend in the morning?  Do the two of you spend all of your extra time and money travelling?  Or would you rather just curl up with a good book?  These are the cues you may use to choose what type of unique marriage favors you’re going to pick. 

For the outdoorsy type, you can pick a completely unique marriage favor that brings to mind the outside, like leaf candles or coasters, or you could go with the hiking theme, and give people carabiner key chains.  If you like coffee, you can give folk coffee scented candles, or coffee accessories.  The travel-lover could give away suitcase-shaped boxes crammed with candies as wedding favors, and the book-lover could give away bookmarks that suited the theme of their wedding. 

Try and find something in your wedding favors that provides something useful for your guests.  And yes, while candles and picture frames are mostly ornamental, perhaps the candle gives off scent and light and the picture frame can be used to display a favorite picture.  I got a crystal swan as a wedding favor once, and even though it was completely gorgeous and looked great set up on the reception tables, it truly didn’t go with anything I owned or serve any purpose, and it soon got put out of view. 

The key to giving your visitors unique marriage favors that they’ll love is combining the personal with the useful.  Your visitors are at you marriage to support you and to be witness to your stipulation of your love for each other ; they might love wedding favors that both reminds them of you, and they can use for years yet to come.  And while that sometimes is a candle or picture frame, don’t be afraid to think outside the box to come up with unique marriage favors. 

For more great unique wedding favors for any kind of wedding, check out  No matter what the theme of you wedding or your interests, they’ll have a unique wedding favor for it to fit any budget.

Best Man Speech Insight Review: Making You An Effective Speaker On The Wedding

Are you preparing to be your to be the best man for your best friend’s wedding? Surely now, you are thinking of how you can be effective at making and delivering your best man speech during the big day? Do you need a best man speech insight review? If it can be of use, why not? So, have one now and use it to guide you for your preparations. But before you do, there is one thing that you can do first.

Anything is possible with modern weddings now as they are far more flexible. In this regard, it is alright if you talk to the bride and groom and ask their opinion about the speech that you are about to give on their most important event as a couple. You have to remember that when delivering the speech, you don’t pass any discomfort to others present in the event. During the start of the speech, it is important that the format includes introducing yourself and stating your relationship with the groom.

To gain full attention of the guests, it must be done with assurance right at the beginning. After which, you can initiate showing gratitude to the people who have been integral part of the celebration. After which, you can unveil the unsettling part of the speech by telling everyone the funny events involving the groom. But you have to omit things that you know will fall discomfort not only to the bride and groom but to others present in the celebration.

When you are doing character assassination for the groom, set limitations as well when telling embarrassing stories while you can go over the top when telling his good sides. This is also the part where your honesty about your friendship is expected to be spilled. Tell the crowd how lucky you are for having a friend like him.

When congratulating the couple, do it sincerely and properly even if you know they’ve been flooded with the same remarks from many others. As it is typically the bride who is more emotional about the union, so elevate her emotions more by offering your compliments by simply stating how lovely she is on that particular day.

You can tell the groom and bride about your thoughts on marriage in a form of advice. You can do it humorously and lightheartedly but be sure to be sincere too. You can also read some spoof messages, such as those coming from poems or famous quotes. You can as well present personal undelivered messages by the absent guests. In this part, it is alright to be light and humorous.

One thing that can break the seriousness of the speech is by putting in new humorous anecdotes from personal experiences with your relationship with the groom, or with the couple. As you close the speech, you can reiterate some parts like the congratulatory and thanking part then conclude it by proposing a toast and luck.

When looking into a best man speech insight review, don’t forget the abovementioned tips. You also have to consider that it is not only the couple in the event listening to your speech but all the guests. Therefore, know when to deliver funny remarks without hurting or getting other guests uncomfortable with the speech.

Funny Groom Speeches – Finding The Right Balance

Funny Groom Speech

One of the most important elements of any wedding speech is that it must be funny. It doesn’t all need to be funny, but funny groom speeches are a great crowd-pleaser – so long as they are still poignant all the same and don’t offend anyone.

I tried to make mine funny but all the while I was aware of the situation and tried to be humble. The father of the groom had his own speech, so I wanted to thank him for that and not tread on his toes and insulting him or his daughter! Goodness only knows how any of those kind of jokes would have gone down! Click here to learn more: Groom Speech Jokes.

The Secret to Good Speech Humour

The use of humour in my own wedding speech really helped to make sure that everyone kept listening properly. I used it at different times as a way of grabbing attention and making sure they were focused. In any toast, the bride and groom should be the center of attention!

The best way to use this tactic in my experience is to interject your regular speech with a few good jokes. Say emotional things, then add a little humour to keep everyone relaxed and focused. I was pretty nervous and emotional, so this also really helped me as well as the audience!

Another great tip is to be relaxed and informal with the audience. This isn’t a lecture – it’s a toast! The groom should always feel like they are having a conversation with old friends, which largely will be the
case. Don’t forget to make eye contact with your guests; it will help you to interact them. Try practising before hand with your friends as a trial run, as it will help you improve your funny groom speech skills greatly and give you extra confidence.

When it comes to funny groom speeches these tips will get you off on the right foot. For an even better idea, try using a few wedding speech examples. Click here if you would like to learn how to write a great groom speech: Groom Speech Ideas.

Different Wedding Hair Cuts For Your Special Day

A marriage is a satisfied occasion which is in general the bridal couples’ day. The point of interest of the wedding, though, is the bride. The making of a great wedding will sometimes cost many thousand bucks. One of the calls the bride desires to make for this very special day is the different haircuts for marriages that will suit her and her dress. Bride often have two options for hair cuts for marriages, either out the hair up or let it down. The common choice before is to put up the bride’s hair for in the marriage but recently, hair cuts for marriages have taken a more casual turn where the bride and her entourage just leave their hair down and put accessories like tiaras and other jeweled pins or brush.

Nowadays, if the bride places her hair up, it is often in an informal bun or knot in which tendrils of hair flow from the knot and softens the general effect of the hair cut. Hair cuts for marriages are now truly casual and not as desperate as the old days. This is probably as the marriage robes which are in fashion today are also casual robes which do not have the common equipment of the older robes. In truth, some of the brides have done away with the conventional veil and just wear flowers or jewels on their hair. Haircuts for weddings also have to be thought about for people in the entourage. The bridesmaids also have to look their best in the rite and it is traditional to have similar hairstyles though, it must not cast a shadow over that of the bride. Generally , haircuts for weddings have a theme or correspond to the dresses worn.

It’s not simply the girls who have to choose their own haircuts for weddings but also the men. Though the choices rely predominantly on their present hair cut but they also have the choice to pull back their hair or just gel it in front. Men don’t put any accessories on their hair nor do they wear any veil or bands on their heads.

It is a clever move to have a hair cut around 2 weeks before the marriage so that there may still be some growth in case the men don’t love their hair cut. Girls with longer hair have more selections of hair cuts compared to folks who have shorter hair. Ladies with cropped hair can accessorize to add ritual to the occasion.