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Infomation Regarding Wedding Rose Bouquets

The choice in a wedding florist is an important one.  The wedding flowers can be very expensive and can take up much more than the traditional seven percent of the wedding budget if the bride and groom are not careful.  There are some rose wedding bouquets that can be used for the bride only and can take up that much of the budget, depending on the type of arrangement and the time of the year that the wedding will take place.  There are other rose wedding bouquets that are not as expensive because they are made from silk flowers.  Even though they are silk, if the florist is good, the silk rose wedding bouquet will be hard to distinguish from a live arrangement.

Styles Of Rose Wedding Bouquet

Rose wedding bouquets can be found in a variety of different colors.  Since roses come in an assortment of colors, the rose wedding bouquet can be made in any color available.  Often the roses are the primary flower in the bouquet and other flowers will accent it along with the greenery.  Sometimes the roses will be placed in a pattern so that one color of rose is in the center surrounded by another color of rose in a circle around it.First color of rose is present around that circle again or a completely different color.This arrangement can be very expensive as it has basically flowers rather than being filled with the greenery to help offset some of the expense.

There are rose wedding bouquets that are arm bouquets.It seem that bride is presenting the bouquet to the audience therefore these bouquets are also called presentation bouquets.  These bouquets lay across the bride’s arm as she carries them and are made with the stems of the roses cut long so that the bouquet drapes properly.  There is usually a ribbon that keeps the flowers all together as the bride cradles it in her arms as she goes to meet her groom.  It is usually recommended that the dress that the bride wears to go with this type of rose wedding bouquet is form fitting rather than having a full skirt.

A bride that will have a full skirt on her wedding gown should usually carry a crescent rose wedding bouquet.  This bouquet is wide and is in the shape of a crescent moon as its name implies.  The flowers in the bouquet and the greenery that is used will arch from side to side, often with one side slightly longer than the other.  This type of bouquet should be carried just below the waist line, about at the hips so that it properly accents the dress and highlights the colors in the bouquet.