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What to put my wedding favors in

Wedding favors for creating your own unique wedding favor style.
Are you are having a traditional wedding, then you are probably looking for traditional packaging for your wedding favors. It is important never to overlook the packaging for your wedding favors, no matter what the style of your theme wedding. The perfect packaging will create your wedding theme or style & will add a personal touch to your wedding favors. Beautifully presented favors make for memorable keepsakes for your reception guests.

When thinking about wedding favor packaging it is small boxes that will immediately come to mind. These are available in a range of styles, shapes & sizes. You will also find them made from a range of materials such as printed or textured card & transparent plastic, some boxes can be personalized. They are widely available & most favor stores will carry a wide range to choose from, often with choices in color & size.

Wedding favors that are best suited to put in these boxes range from candies to chocolates, bracelets to cufflinks. The trick is to purchase your wedding favors before you choose your packaging. We’ve found that does a good job in pricing their wedding favors.

Another way to present your guest wedding favors is with pretty tulle nets. This works best for chocolates, almonds or candies, but could also be used for small candles. These nets are circular & after placing your favors in the middle you simply gather the tulle up & tie with ribbon. There is an art to getting these to look right, but if you get it right they look fantastic. Don’t worry though if you feel they are beyond your capabilities, as you will find people online or maybe at your local bridal store who can put them together for you.

Other ways to present your favors include wrapping them in pretty papers, satin or organza wraps or even sinamay envelopes. Experiment with wrapping your wedding favors in pretty handmade papers with ribbons & a personalized tag to finish, this usually produces an elegant & stylish favor. Items which are probably best wrapped this way include almonds, fortune cookies, cookies & wine bottles.

If you wanted to present your favors in a really unique way then try bottles or jars. These are relatively inexpensive when bought in bulk & provide your guests with a useful container long after the favor has gone. Best suited to edible favors such as candies, chocolates or preserves, but you could use them for things such as bath salts, loose tea or coffee & even liquid soaps. You will find bottles in a range of shapes & sizes as well as finishes such as textured glass, colored glass & transparent or opaque versions. Another trend these days is to go green or eco-friendly wedding favors that may be such things as personalized seed packets, your guests bring them home and they are plantable.


Your choice of packaging will enhance the beauty & unique wedding favors so you should take some time & thought over your final choice.