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Golf Resort Weddings

A marriage at a golf resort should be as straightforward or as complex as you wish. Even though you want to enjoy the golf, you don't have to give up enjoying to special feeling of wearing a white gown. It means that the traditional long flowing train and a full skirt is probably not a very good coice. Instead, a simple white dress with a removable train that has an elegant look and is straight enough to allow easy movement would be a terrific gown and even let you swing a club if you wanted that to be part of the ceremony. Use special bridal jewelry to enhance the simple elegance of your dress. Picture crystal glistening in the sun, or pearls to accessorize the gown.


Perhaps, you want to have your wedding be more informal, and then the choice of clothing is simple. Simple white golf clothes for the bride and her bridesmaids can that compliment the wedding colors are a great choice. Enhance a white visor with some beads and a lace veil and you will be ready for the ceremony. The clothes of the groom should distinguish him from the crowd, possibly with a special tie or hat as an addition to his golf clothes. Don’t forget to add elegance by donning  special crystal wedding jewelry purchased just for this special day. You can use the savings from your dress that will allow you to give great wedding jewelry gifts to your wedding party.


The wedding can be on the course, if it’s allowed, and the reception right in the clubhouse. Choose a nice vacation site at a higher price to increase the luxury of your golf wedding. Las Vegas golf resorts have a range of prices that will fit any budget and the cost spectrum is similar to the costs of most other types of weddings. Some have packages that often save you a considerable amount of money. If you want to up the ante, consider places like the hotel at Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course, Banff, Canada. The beautiful setting of the greens against the backdrop of the Canadian Rockies is set off by a hotel that has looks like a Scottish castle. It is nearly impossible to find a comparable setting with such a scenic impact. For guests who are not golfers, there are excursions to the glacier and also a trip on a gondola up the mountainside which is a real special treat if the wildflowers are blooming.


The reception can be the most fun to plan for this type of wedding. Why not choose special golf gifts for the guests? They will add to the theme. One way to make eveyone pay attention is to give golf balls with your names and the wedding date printed on them. Golf tees with your names and the date is also a great way to have everyone have a remembrace of the event that they will appreciate. Delightful chocolate golf balls and mints in golf themed tins are another way to make sure that your guests never forget your special day.


If you have the reception at the club, normally they handle the food. You can keep with the golf them with a catered reception outside if you like you would like to be outside. Decide whether you would like to have a regular meal or just provide snack food that your guests can take with them when they go on the course. There's no use wasting a perfectly sunny day sitting inside while a day of golf is only a few steps away. If you are serving alcoholic drinks, you should have a special champagne punch and a few drinks a lot of people will like as well as some beer. Don't forget to have enough champagne for a toast to the bride and groom. Top your wedding cake with two golfers or select one that resembles a golf bag or club and balls. Take time to enjoy your reception and then play your first round of golf as a married twosome.

Find Affordable Wedding Favors

If you know how to apply simple secrets to get affordable wedding favors, you will enjoy it and be gentle on the wedding budget. If originality and resourcefulness are some of your stronger traits, you can easily make some striking yet elegant, affordable wedding favors yourself. People tend to attach great admiration to the effort that is put into hand made favors, as it tends to portray the value and gratitude you have for their attendance.

If you mention affordable wedding favors people tend to think that you are referring to some sort of cheap novelty just to keep the etiquette watchers at bay. This happens to be a complete mistaken belief! The difference between cheap and affordable are established by the quality, time, thought and effort one put in the choice or manufacturing of the wedding favors.

Apart from the originality hand made favors portray, you will be able to save a reasonable amount of money as well. A modern, stylish example of an affordable wedding favor is a compact disc loaded with the wedding couple’s favorite songs, presented in a cover with an interesting collection of pictures of the couple with the wedding date and their names included.

Regrettably, we all are not equal when it relates to creative skills in order to make hand made favors for your wedding. Fortunately, there are many ways to kill this uncreative cat preventing you from finding affordable wedding favors.

A highly appreciated wedding favor will always be candy. Apart from the various sorts of candy you can choose from, is it economical and all ages find pleasure in it, no matter how big or small. Chocolates are popular wedding favors and available in any shape of flavor you can think of. Though all may love chocolate favors, an economic alternative will be peppermints wrapped up in fancy bundles according to your wedding theme.

When you like to follow tradition, sugar-coated almonds are another good alternative. Unlike back when your mother got married, you can choose from a wide range of pastel colors plus gold, silver or even bronze colored almonds.

Before you decide on what affordable wedding favors to use, make a point to remember that wedding favors are a mere token of your special day and that memorable weddings consist out of much more than the favors you present and how it is presented. Don’t forget to give some thought as to how guests will receive the actual fabors.

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