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Preparing your Opening Remarks for your Best Man Toast

One of the things that may get you to draw a blank is the first few sentences of your speech. Coming up with your opening remarks is one of the most difficult pieces of writing a best man wedding speech.

Your opening statement is a critical part of your speech because this is where you set the tone of your speech. Some people would create a great excitement over their opening comments and begin with an shocking joke, or a smart comment or anything that can get the attention of the guests. You might want to save this kind of context for later. Good opening comments should be simple, sincere and suitable. Keep in mind that it’s not your day, so the focus to should be on the newly wed couple, not on yourself

You may want to start your opening remarks with a respectful tone and slowly insert in some funny quotes or stories that you might want to share. Be sure to keep your poems safe and clean as not to upset the couple or any of the guests that are at the wedding. Naturally, if you begin your best man speech with a sincere tone, then you should end it with the same effect. You should end your speech with polite comments and congratulatory words. This is often referred to as the ‘sandwich technique’ where you can stuff funny antics inside the speech itself and begin and end with a sincere tone.

There are a number of things that you can position in your opening remarks. Firstly, you need to introduce yourself so that the entire audience would get to know you. This way, the audience can appreciate what you say Next, you might want to add in your congratulations and well wishes to the happy newly wed couple. You can also add in your appreciation for having the chance to get up in front of such a wonderful crowd and give a toast as the best man of the event. 

In giving your best man speech, it is important that you stand secure. You will only be able to do this if you are ready for your little speech. This is why you should develop a rough draft of your speech and practice delivering it days before the event. Give special attention to your opening statements. Reherse delivering it in front of the mirror so you are aware if you get the tone that you want or not.

Finally, if you yet having a tough time coming up with the first few sentences of your opening statements, you can search on the internet and search for best man speech examples. This would give you an idea on how you can write your own speech. There are also some best man speech quotes that you can find on the internet that can greatly help you in creating your own best man speech. Use these resources as guidelines and you can be off to a wonderful start in creating a great best man speech!