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Plan a Perfect Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception is the time to celebrate with all the family and friends that you love. The goal should be to host an event that everyone can enjoy. When planning your wedding reception, find a compromise between what you want and what will make your guests the most comfortable.

For your reception you must choose what kind of meal you would like to offer. This is a big expense in you wedding budget. If the wedding reception is going to be hosted for most of the evening, it is assumed that there will be dinner offered to the guests. If you are having a morning wedding you may be able to host a low key reception with hors d’oeuvres and a cocktail hour after the ceremony. Remember that you should be considerate in how you would like to host your guests. They traveled to celebrate with you and have probably brought you a generous gift.

Another big ticket item is the bar. First you should consider if you would like to host an open bar. Given the size of your guest list, this bill can become outrageous. A good compromise is hosting an open bar to a cash limit or for a fixed number of hours. If your guests wish to drink more after you have already bought the first couple rounds, then they can do so.

Many hosts want to create a party with their reception. Others may want to host a quiet and enjoyable evening. Make sure you choose the right band or DJ to create the scene you want. Music can create the mood and move the evening along. Create a sequence with your DJ. When first entering the reception hall, try some background music while everyone is taking their seats and getting acquainted. During dinner, romantic music is enjoyable. While the evening progresses, move to faster music while everyone begins to dance. The party will carry on with the music.

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