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Your Father of Bride Toast written for you

A Father of Bride Toast.  Seems like a simple task, no?Maybe until you go to try it.  In this article, I hope to instill what advice I can give after 20 years as a professional speaker.I hope you get use for your job.

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As an idea for what to say, for a father of bride toast, and following on from the previous, consider this.A question your dad once asked you and the response can serve as a good start and convey your approval.  For instance, you might say “There was a time when my father turned to me and said ‘what do you think might make you happy when you’re my age?’  I didn’t know.He paused a bit and said ‘when you spend your life with someone you think is the best match in the world for you – your soul mate – you’ll be content when you’re my age.’ I believe Bill and Jane have found that in each other, and I am truly proud to see what their love has become .”

A quote, say from the bible, if appropriate for you, or a philosopher, can be another good way to start off your father of bride toast.

In most all cases, as I recommend in other pages, a story is never a bad idea.  Telling a story about your daughter growing up can be a tremendous way to relate a good quality about them to the audience.This method is really as simple as 1 2 three .  1, start off with the story, right there, as it happened.  Say “When Laura was 16, she learned how to drive.”  Don’t poke fun about your daughter, just relay the story.The father of bride toast should ,after that …2, look to reveal a quality from her and relate it to the audience as the reason the bride and groom will be happy together. For example, if the story was how loyal she was, you might say that you know that Laura’s loyal love combined with the groom’s sense of fatherhood will ensure them a great future together.3, Then, give up a toast.  Simply raise your glass and say “On behalf of all of us, I offer a toast to David and Laura’s love and happiness forever.”

No matter what you say, as the father, you serve to provide a tremendous amount of approval to the new couple, something that will resonate with them until the end of their lives.Some fathers are gruff, and their relationships with their daughter or especially their son can serve to reiterate the need to be tough in all matters of life, since you want your son to learn not to be taken advantage of.  Now this certainly isn’t the model for everyone, but I do find it is in use for many families.  If this is the case or not, on this important and special day, let that guard down a little, just enough to let your son or daughter know that you are proud of them.This can make a huge amount of difference to the couple well after the wedding.