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Low Cost Wedding Cakes, How do you Do It?

Every bride wants a ceremony and reception that is beautiful and elegant and that truly expresses her own personality.  Unfortunately not everyone can afford to have everything they want for their wedding and may find it difficult to balance these two situations.  However you can trim some money from your expenses by choosing some Budget Wedding cakes for your reception.  Here are some basic suggestions to keep in mind.

For one thing, remember that you don’t need a traditional huge tiered cake for your wedding.  Some low cost wedding cakes will mean some other options instead.  Many brides are finding that a nice selection of simple layer cakes can be just as beautiful if they’re all decorated nicely.  You can have one special cake with a cake topper that you and the groom slice together but other cakes can be made or even bought from your bakery or supermarket as options for low cost wedding cakes.  Your guests will likely not even mind seeing those other cakes and won’t miss that large tiered cake.  Some brides even have one small special cake that is beautifully decorated but then have sheet cakes in the kitchen that can be sliced and served to guests.  Rarely do they even realize this has happened since the ingredients are the same and it’s already sliced when they receive it!  Using these sheet cakes as low cost wedding cakes is a great idea for those who have a large number of guests attending.

Cupcakes have become a good alternative for low cost wedding cakes; they can be presented in a tree or tower so that they resemble a tiered cake.  Cupcakes are actually sometimes much nicer than a large cake since they’re all individually decorated so they look very beautiful when a guest receives it, as opposed to a typical cake which is sliced so that guests can’t even see the decorations!  Cupcakes as Low Cost Wedding cakes are a fun and festive way to add some personality to your reception and often guests don’t even notice that you’re using cupcakes since they’re so beautifully decorated.

The decorating is what usually gets in the way of low cost wedding cakes.  If you pay a professional to hand decorate your cake then of course it’s going to cost more than any other cake.  Keep this in mind when shopping for Low Cost Wedding cakes.  Ask the local bakery what options they have for cakes that are not personally decorated but that you can buy off the rack or off the shelf.  Very often they have a wide selection of cakes that are very beautiful and very tasty but since they’re not specifically decorated for you then of course they don’t cost quite as much.  A bakery might also have some options for cakes that they decorate but not according to your instructions; these make great low cost wedding cakes since they’re dressier than most cakes but still very affordable.

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