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Top 20 Items for Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Your wedding will be a whirlwind day filled not only with love and laughter but also the unexpected.  Make sure you are prepared for any unforeseen circumstances by keeping the following items in a handy bag to which you or your bridesmaids will have access.

-sewing kit
-safety pins
-tissue paper
-a mirrored compacy powder case
-breath mints
-pen and pad
-list of vendors’ telephone numbers
-barrettes and/or bobby pins
-eye drops
-any prescription medication you currently take
-comb and/or brush
-drinking straws, so you can drink water without messing up your lipstick

This list is far from a complete list, it’s simply a list of the minimum things you should consider adding to your emergency kit.  By all means add more items you deem neccessary.  Just don’t overload the bag to the point where it will be a real burden for the bridesmaid who will be carrying the bag.

Hopefully you’ll never need to use any of these items on your wedding day, but rest assured you’ll have piece of mind knowing that they’re close by you.  And if something should happen, then you’ll be better prepared to handle any situation that arises. You’re then free to return to your wedding and continue celebrating. 

You can purchase a special bridal bag to hold these items, but that’s not necessary…especially since you will not be the one carrying it.  You can save time, money and effort by using a simple bag.  Ask a bridesmaid to be in charge of keeping the bag by her side at all times.  It’s best to have a bridesmaid hold the bag as they will be with you at all times, including the photography session. 

Wedding days are usually filled with chaos. From making sure the vendors are doing their jobs, to making sure the wedding favors are in place, and making sure everyone knows their roles and responsibilities, it’s easy for a bride to be overwhelmed.  With an emergency kit, you can ensure that you can also handle any surprises that come your way.