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Putting Up With An Eco Wedding

Well according to the future wife they really do exist and upon hearing this I was so baffled I had to look into exactly what this was all about. Of course it does stop here these weddings go further than eco bathroom accessories.

As any woman knows it all starts with the dress. Of course the dress has to be "the most lovely and beautiful thing I have ever worn". Never been to sure why it is so important personally but as a male I am sure there is a reason “I don’t understand these kinds of things”. There are now actually ways in which you can find designers that source only organic materials. This will mean that nothing harmful is used when making the dress itself. On top of this it means that my bill for the dress is going to be a lot higher.

The future wife also wants all of her jewellery to be made up of recycled products and wants her hairstylist to use only organic and natural products. Of course to me this is already going too far but it gets even worse!

There are so many things you can get including stationary and guestbooks that can all be made from recycled things. She is also insisting that the food for the big day is all sourced locally, I should really learn how to put my foot down.

The wedding cake can be made using free range eggs and organic and fair-trade ingredients can be used just literally add the icing to the cake on my bill. Of course I should be glad that I am helping the environment even on my wedding day.

Of course it isn’t to stop on the wedding day, oh no once we move into our new place the new wife wants Kitchen accessories as well as eco friendly vases yes she really is taking it this far.