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Beach Wedding Themes

Themes for a Wedding Reception

Traditional Theme: Traditional themes are not to be confused with formal themes. By traditional theme, I mean a theme that is symbolic of your folk, culture and nationality. For example, if you are of Italian origin whereas your partner is a pure Texan, you could have a theme that incorporates the wedding traditions, cultures and customs of both the places.

All-Black Theme: Another favorite of many, an all-black theme has class written all over it. It is an all-time favorite with the celebs and it gives a sleek, shiny look to the entire wedding proceedings. Let’s face it, nothing can match the style of a black tailored tux and the legendary little black dress!

Formal Theme: One of the most popular wedding reception themes, a formal theme gives the occasion a traditional, no-nonsense touch. If you are someone who is not typically flamboyant or who doesn’t like to experiment much, then this is the safest and best option for you.

All-White Theme: White is a color that depicts purity and, therefore, is the natural choice of many at their weddings. An all-white themed wedding reception looks simple as well as suave, and it adds immense charm to the special occasion that a wedding is.

Hollywood Theme: Are you and your better half both movie buffs? If yes, then a Hollywood theme could be just about the perfect one for your wedding. You could dress up as your favorite Hollywood celebrity and ask the guests to follow suit. Plus, if you can manage to pull a few strings and get a Hollywood celebrity to actually make a guest appearance at your wedding, that would really be the icing on the cake, wouldn’t it?

Beach Theme: If you want to be innovative, try having a beach theme. Beach wedding reception themes are fast becoming a rage and they can be great fun as well. Make it even more enjoyable and entertaining by giving it a Hawaiian touch.

Musical Theme: Music lovers? You could opt for a melodious marriage and a lovely musical wedding reception. Along with the regular wedding music, make a CD of your and your spouse’s favorite love songs and have it played in the background after the ceremony. Have the band play your partner’s favorite love ballad when you take the floor for your first dance as a wedded couple. Once again, if you can somehow rope in your favorite singer to make a special musical appearance, there would be nothing like it, would there?

Rent a Tent: Remember that lovely movie ‘Father of the Bride’? You could have a lovely wedding reception right in your home itself. Decorating your backyard with a beautiful white tent will give a nice cozy and homely touch to your wedding reception.

Fairytale Fantasy Theme: If you have forever dreamed of being a beautiful princess locked far away in a tall tower, who is rescued by a handsome prince in shining black armor, then you should really consider going for a fantasy theme for your wedding reception. Think about it, you could literally have a fairytale wedding!

Flower Theme: You can either consider this as a separate theme in itself, or you can combine it with any of the above-mentioned themes. Each flower symbolizes a particular quality or a behavioral aspect. Think about which ones would complement both of you as a couple and then go about deciding upon the wedding flower decor accordingly.

Easy Ideas for Beach Wedding Favors

Easy Ideas for Beach Wedding Favors

Beach Bags of Salt Water Taffy

For ocean side beach weddings, purchase little burlap or fabric beach bag favors and fill them with bulk wrapped salt water taffy. You may want to add a cute flip flop key chain or other novelty item. Rolls of Life Savers candies also work and you can even add personalized wrappers with the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date.


Alternatively, you could place clear packages of customized blue M&Ms candies into the bags of beach wedding favors. You could get blue M&Ms personalized with the bride and groom’s names or with a light-hearted theme message such as “Love’s a Beach.”


Mini Frisbees with Seashell Chocolates

It’s a tiny plastic plate – no, it’s a flying beach toy! Mini Frisbees filled with seashell-shaped chocolates make smart beach wedding favors. Wide mesh netting fabric is the perfect choice to cover the Frisbees before securing one end with ribbon and attaching a little starfish or seashell themed thank you card.


Beach Shovels of Candy

Buy children’s beach shovels in a color to go with your beach wedding. It’s a good idea to base the size on the place setting space and the look you want. Fill with wrapped candies or use candy packages that go with the wedding’s colors and themes. Secure the candy by using netting and gathering it up at the base of the shovel. Secure with ribbon and add more ribbon and a thank you card hanging from the handle.


Sea of Love Boats

Sailboats with room to hold candy or mints make great beach wedding favors. Make them even better by writing on the sails with a fine-tipped dark marker. The large one might read “Sailing together on the sea of love.” The smaller sails could have the bride and groom’s names or just their first initials such as “T + C.”


Message in a Bottle

Cork-topped mini glass bottles can make cute beach wedding favors. Your message inside each bottle favor could read “Love is a day at the beach. Thanks for being here with us. Kelly and Nicholas” Roll the notes and tie with narrow ribbon. You could add some tiny shells or silver colored starfish charms to the bottles.