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Diamond Ring Care: Your Must-Know Guide to Caring for Your Wedding Ring

Your wedding ring is a symbol of your love and commitment, so you’ll want to keep safe for years to come. In order to keep your ring looking like new, you need to take special care of it when you wear it and clean it. If you take these steps now, you’ll be able to keep your ring in excellent condition.

You can start caring for your ring with your everyday habits. Always put on your ring after you’ve put on your clothes, your make-up, your hair care products and your perfume. The chemicals and oils in beauty products and perfumes can dull the luster of your stone and the surrounding metal.

If you have to wash dishes, fold clothes or work in the garden, make sure to store your ring in a safe place. Don’t take chances by doing these chores with your ring on. The soap or dirt can permanently damage your ring. Harsh chemicals from cleaning can discolor your ring and damage the metal surrounding it. You could snag your clothes by trying to fold them with your ring on. You can also risk losing your ring by doing these activities while wearing it.

The same goes for playing sports or swimming. Any time your hands are involved in rough activities, such as tossing a ball, paddling water or even swinging a golf club, you are risking damaging or losing your ring. Make it a habit to carry a small soft bag with you where you can store your ring when you need to remove it.

By avoiding wearing your ring during these times, you’ll go a long way to preserving the look of your ring. Besides following these rules for wearing, you can also keep your ring looking great by cleaning it on a regular basis. Every few years, you should take it to a jeweler to have it professionally cleaned. In between these professional cleanings, you can clean it yourself with a few simple solutions.

Commercial jewelry cleaner can be used to keep your ring bright and sparkling. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for best results. After you use any one of these cleaning solutions, you need to rinse your ring off with clean water. Then pat the ring dry with a lint free cloth.

You will also want to have your setting checked by a qualified jeweler on a regular basis. Jewelers often recommend an inspection every six months or so.  If you don’t have your ring checked on a regular basis, the stones could loosen from the setting over time, and you could actually lose the stones from the ring. It’s possible to not realize the stones are missing until it’s too late.

Considering that this is the most sentimentally significant piece of jewelry that you’ll ever own, it’s worth a bit of special time and attention.

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