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Finding the Right Bridesmaid Dresses for Different Sized Women

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  Not all women are shaped the same and it isn’t likely that your chosen bridesmaids will be the same size.  Even those with that are the same size have different features they’d rather not show off.  Finding the same bridesmaid dress for all the ladies would be difficult and some may not like it.     These reasons make choosing a dress seem near impossible.  It may not be easy, but it is possible to choose and dress that will be good looking and everyone can live with.  Try these tips to aid in your dress-shopping venture.

Body Types

Take a realistic look at the bodies of your bridesmaids. Have a photo of each girl alone and try to imagine how a dress would look on her. Which of her features (belly, butt, boobs) should be hidden and which should be highlighted?

Dress Colors

Black is a slimming color that covers up most embarrassing flaws, making a girl feel more comfortable.   Dark colors are better than bright or light colors for hiding flaws.  A dresses color can reveal quite a bit but the cut and style is also a contributor.


Certain fabrics are unforgiving no matter what the body size.  Stay away from spandex, satin, and fitted silk dresses.  Choose rayon blend, chiffon, or polyester cotton blend as alternatives. These will leave more stretch room without pinching or showing off embarrassing features.

The Appropriate Sleeves

Consider what a girl’s arms would look like in a sleeveless dress.  Some women’s are would not be flattered by strapless or sleeveless dresses.  Consider this when looking at various styles of dress.  offering a wrap or shawl would be a good thing to offer if some of your bridesmaids are uncomfortable going sleeves but you want it anyway.


Adding shawl, belts, gloves, and bolero jackets will change the look of a dress and bring unity to the style.  To cover up belly bulk or accent a small waistline, try using a wide ribbon as belts can define a waistline.   Wearing a bolero jacket can hide unsightly arm flabbiness while also adding style.


The same dress doesn’t have to be worn by all bridesmaids.  Choosing a different style of dress while keeping the color the same has become common.  This makes everything coordinated and similar while allowing for different neckline, length and format.

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