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How to Present a Best Man Speech

Some people are not comfortable speaking to a crowd. But there are some occasions when you really have to get confident and face a lot of people. If you are invited to be the best man of a wedding, you just cannot say “no” to your best friend. When you come to think of it, writing and delivering a best man speech is not that difficult at all. If you just be yourself and speak from your heart.

If you are in a struggle in starting your best man speech, you can always check online for some guidelines and templates on how to write a best man speech. There are many available resources, some are free and some cost a little. But writing a best man speech is not really the hard part- delivering it is.

If you want to stand confident when you give out your best man speech, the first thing that you need to do is to prepare for it. Once you have your speech written down on a paper, read it over and over so you would be comfortable saying out the words aloud. If you are familiar with the things that you have to say, then you would not stammer or get nervous when it is time for you to stand up and deliver your speech.

It is recommended that you practice your speech days before the event. You can stand in front of the mirror so you can get comfortable. This would also help you be aware of your body language and facial attraction. Watch your hand motions – they can either make or break your speech. Make sure that you have the right attitude. Stand tall and secure when giving your speech. Try to keep eye contact with the wedding guests. If you are confident, it will show during your speech.

Planning ahead of time is the key to a successful best man speech. You can even get some of your friends to sit down with you and listen to your speech. Get their comments and ask them how you can improve. As needed, you should do some revisions to your speech. Remember that you should make your speech short and simple. Don’t forget to give a toast to the newly wed couple after giving your speech!