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Tips for amateur wedding photographers

One of the biggest jobs any photographer can get is as a wedding photographer.  One of the biggest hobbies around is photography.Not all people who learn photography do it for money.Wedding photography is very exciting for those who are still an amateur in this thing.So if you know some friends who are getting married you can surprise them with photos that may be better than the photos taken by their hired photographer.So here are tips on how to do it.

These are some tips for an amateur photographer but they are some tips I have gained doing San Diego photographer work.So if you are already a professional these tips can help you too.Because as I have said, doing wedding photography is one of the biggest things that can happen to a photographer.

The first tip would be to work yourself to be in the moment.What am I trying to say?Well, most of us know what happens in a wedding.There are events that are palnned.But a lot of emotions happen during those events even if they are planned.So you should be ready for those unplannned emotions and take them.Those shots that have emotions in them will be the best among all the photos that you will be taking.  In my portfolio as a San Diego wedding photographer you can see that to be the case.

Another thing to remember is that in a wedding people are constantly on the move. So don’t just look for still shots.You will have some of your best photos if you capture the movement of the people. It is a hard trick to capture but can be done.  Of course I had to hone my skills doing event photography San Diego to be able to do this.  But once you capture some shots that are more than still shots you will love it.You have the chance of topping their hired photographer.That would be a great feeling if you are still an amateur.And you can even brag about your shots to your friends.Plus, it can be the start of an extra-income job.